8 Exciting New Beauty Product Launches To Add To Your Stash This Month


A new age toothbrush that’s not just there to clean, but also to clean Monica. This new oral care brand is launching a sleek black electric toothbrush that uses food grade nylon bristles infused with activated charcoal to whiten teeth and kill bacteria. Here to elevate your daily experience, it uses smart technology that offers two modes: cleansing and massage. With an automated 2-minute timer and four 30-second interval technology, it’s like the toothbrush has memory.

7) Juice Beauty Stem 2-in-1 Cellular Cleanser

Celebrities Kate Hudson and Gywneth Paltrow have often attributed their selfies without filters or makeup to the glow they got from some of their favorite Juice Beauty products. Thanks to Boddess, who makes India shine by launching Juice Beauty exclusively on its platform. We’ve got our eyes on Stem Cellular 2-in-1 cleanser that removes makeup and deep cleanses for a hydrated, supple glow. It is specially designed to fight fine lines and wrinkles and contains a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells and vitamin C infused in organic grape seeds rich in resveratrol.

8) Alasa Bombay Full Moon Nectar

The art of making essences and “ittar” from centuries-old medieval manuscripts all reveal our obsession with scents and the senses. Centuries later, Alasa Bombay draws inspiration from these ancient Indian traditions and stories and harnesses royal artwork in its bottles to claim India’s rightful place in perfumery history. Breathe in the warm creamy and woody notes of Santalum Album or Indian sandalwood that form the olfactory profile of genderless scents. The range of perfumes is directly inspired by the Pahari Work and each bottle bears a screen-printed work from period paintings and represents a moment of love. VOGUE The Indian favorite: the Full Moon Nectar perfume, which represents the classic scenario of the Ragini and the goat (which represents her absent man) in the moonlight in the open air. The light of the moon is what guides lovers who venture out of the dark to a secret meeting place.

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