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The New England Patriots rebounded into the action of Week 2 with an unbalanced victory over the New York Jets and now they will face Jameis Winston and company.

The Patriots head into Week 3 against the New Orleans Saints, who hope to leave behind a frustrating loss to the Carolina Panthers. Head Coach Bill Belichick is in charge of planning the game against Winston.

Bill Belichick sings the praises of Jameis Winston today. I wonder if he will do it next week talking about the opponent’s quarterback #patriots @ NBC10Boston https://t.co/1R7saKesmS

Bill Belichick knows he has a challenge against Jameis Winston

Ahead of Sunday’s game, Belichick praised the Saints quarterback.

“He’s a very good quarterback,” Belichick said Wednesday, via Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “He threw for 5,000 yards in Tampa, so it’s not like this guy hasn’t been productive. He is tall. He is strong. It is precise. He has a good touch on the ball. The offensive he led in Tampa was very different from the one he led in New Orleans. But basically he’s a big, strong guy who can throw the ball with precision. He’s very good on the pitch. He’s a tough guy to face. It is strong in the pocket. He can do all the throws on the field. He’s pretty good.

Although Winston has struggled to find consistency throughout his NFL career, he has shown flashes that he can produce at a high level. He demonstrated it in the Week 1 win over the Green Bay Packers by throwing five touchdown passes but battling the Panthers, throwing for 111 yards and two interceptions.

Belichick is well aware of the kind of quarterback he faces as Winston can go either way. He complimented the former first overall pick, possibly because he wanted to avoid giving him pre-game bulletin board material.

The Saints will need Winston to perform at a high level to overtake the Patriots on the road. New England struggled to get a constant pass rush, but the defense just put in a stellar performance against the Jets.

Fewer passing yards until week 2 (I played 2 full games)

1. Jameis Winston-259
2. Aaron Rodgers-388
3. Josh Allen-449
4. Trevor Lawrence – 450
5. Jalen hurts – 454

The Patriots have fired rookie Zach Wilson four times and forced four interceptions. Winston has proven throughout his NFL career that he is prone to mistakes as he threw 90 interceptions out of his 126 touchdown passes.

At the same time, Belichick is aware that the 27-year-old can make plays with his legs as a runner when needed.

“If you’ve seen him run with the ball, I don’t know why you would want him to run with the ball in space,” Belichick said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea at all. It is difficult to face. He is fast. Pass on people. I don’t think you wanted him to go wild in your high school.

Winston will have to be a game-changer if New Orleans is to hope for a well-deserved road victory.

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