Launch of the Marcelo Burlon charitable foundation with a film Rave Ibizan directed by Arca


There were only 40 lucky guests invited – two of whom unfortunately were unable to attend after pre-testing positive for Covid – at what was in fact the launch of Marcelo Burlon’s new charity. foundation this july. The venue was artistic property of Burlon in Ibiza, while the format was rave-meets-gig-meets-festival. As for the main protagonists, these included Arca, who played, from Milan C2C, who conducted the concert, and Weird, who led the resulting filmed exploration of the relationship between festival performance and the avant-garde, which can be viewed at the end of the month by anyone who donates, however small, to the new foundation .

As always with a hyphen as bloated as Marcelo, there were lots of disparate ideas at stake in the preparation of a project which he has been thinking about since “fortune knocked on my door” thanks to the to sell of its participation in the New Guards Group in 2019. We therefore met to take stock.

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Ciao Marcelo, tell us about the party first.

It was not a party! We could not organize a party because of the sanitary rules. So it was filming a performance for a video, and it was great. We held it at my house at sunset. No one could use their phone but everyone had come up with a new generation camera, and we had drones on top. Everything was set up with C2C, with whom I had wanted to work for ages. Arca’s performance was amazing – in fact all the performances were fantastic – and it was a perfect moment that we’re going to see in the final film.

Can you explain the film and how it relates to your new foundation?

Well, when the movie airs, you will only be able to enjoy it if you donate. But more broadly, one of the main goals I have for the foundation is to create culture in order to provide education that opens up opportunities.

And why have you created a foundation now?

Ever since fortune knocked on my door, and as you already know, I try to help others. We had very big fires in Patagonia [where Burlon was born before emigrating to Italy], so we helped 35 locals rebuild their homes and do other work around my village. Then there is a youth hostel and a charity in Italy that provide safety and protection to people in transition that we have started to support. And there are also LGBTQ + initiatives that we fund. So I thought it was time to set something up in a formal way, with offices in Milan, Patagonia and here in Ibiza, with a team of four to manage it and develop future projects.

Like what?

Well, there is an ongoing publishing business that you will be hearing about soon, and many more causes that we are looking to support as the foundation takes shape. I want to help fight homophobia and support immigrants in Italy. My parents were of Lebanese descent on one side and of Italian descent on the other, and I only came here when I was a child, so this is an issue that I identify with a lot. I remember when I was insulted in the street because they saw me as an Argentinian! The Italians of the first generation have so much to offer, but you have to give them the opportunity, it’s very important to me. What we’ve always tried to do is create a culture, and this project and this foundation is a further extension of that.

What else do you plan?

Well you know I love dogs, and there are a lot of stray dogs here and in Patagonia too. One idea is to create a sanctuary for them so that they can run free and be safe. A free territory, where they will be fed and protected.

Can I come and work there? It sounds like my dream job!

You can certainly come and take care of the dogs!

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Photo: Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

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