Marcovits releases brand new EP ‘Weft’


Marcovits releases brand new EP ‘Weft’

Israeli Marcovits who has seen his work published on renowned entities such as Trauma, Natura Viva, and Cinematic to name a few, lands on ICONYC for his debut with his latest EP titled ‘Weft’; to bring us a slice of what remains of the summer vibes.

The EP starts with the title song ‘Weft‘and brings a wistful mood leaving us effortlessly meandering through club-inspired melodies. The sultry chords sit wonderfully on top, adding an extra layer of depth. The manipulation of Marcovits’ trademark beats is widespread, as all kinds of elements drift in and out of earshot. Perfect for a host of music loving clubs and to get you in the mood for a big night out.

In remix duty, we welcome M.MNT. Coming from Belgium, SIR. MNT is known for its refined sound signature. During the track, he manages to keep the ethereal theme of ‘Weft’ lively and present. Like something from yesteryear, with a refreshed face – his transcendent retouch increases energy levels and livens up the mood with stripped-down and lucid elements at the same time.

To close this dream trip, Marcovits drops the clever Chain’, which delivers historic deep melodic vibrations with infectious chords, intense drums and smooth distribution. Everything revolves around the groove, the ambiance and the catchy rhythms that work their magic around the wonderfully arranged keys of Marcovits which create an irresistible rhythm while intelligent chords take you on a journey.

With ‘Trame’ Marcovits demonstrates that there are no boundaries, and let the magnificent melodic gems guide you on a journey full of clubs.

Listen to “Trame” below:

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