September 24 Marketing Trends


As for Sony, says Rave, “as an electronics maker, game console brand, and movie producer, the Japanese conglomerate is uniquely positioned to get under the skin of fans with every decision Sony executives make.” . Of course, being “hated” often means people are very attentive, which isn’t always a bad thing. As Rave says, “the brands we hate the most are often the least vanilla. Better to divide opinion than not to inspire an opinion at all.

Activision Blizzard: The gaming giant is back in the headlines for the wrong reasons, with news that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating disclosures about workplace issues. CEO Bobby Kotick has been subpoenaed, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports that the commission is seeking information on “communications with other senior executives regarding complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination by Activision employees or contractors.”

Wieden + Kennedy: Proving that no account is ever truly safe, the agency must defend its KFC business by announcing this week that the chicken chain is putting its creative and media businesses under scrutiny. W + K helped reload the brand’s marketing after winning the account in 2015 and placing a new emphasis on founder and mascot Col. Sanders. But with the upcoming arrival of a new CMO, the channel apparently wants a new approach. The fate of the colonel is to be determined.

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$ 100 million: How much South Korean food brand Bibigo is paying to put its name on the Los Angeles Laker jersey patches under a five-year contract, according to reports. “The Lakers are more than just a basketball team. The Lakers around the world are a cultural icon, especially for young people, ”said Wookho Kyeong, Marketing Director of CJ CheilJedang, Bibigo’s parent company, according to the LA Times.


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