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Meet Skintight Outrage, DU’s one and only improvisation club. This cordial comedy club has remained a central part of the DU comedy community for nearly a decade and plans to continue its reign in DU comedy for decades to come.

According to Isla Lader, a leader of the improv club Skintight Outrage (which debuted in 2013. As for the name, it’s just as mysterious in the beginning. A lot of people raise their eyebrows, but [the name Skintight Outrage] so typically is us. It’s kind of a legacy at this point, ”Lader said.

While the DU campus was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Skintight Outrage experimented with several forms of community outreach. The club hosted JackBox video game nights and launched a co-hosted podcast called “Show Some Skin”, still available on Spotify.

In fact, the weekly Skintight Outrage shows were one of the first events to return to DU campus after the lockdown, with cast members working closely with campus security to ensure they could safely resume weekly shows in person.

“There are a lot of acapella groups and a lot of theater on campus, but there is no comedy. [groups]. Especially after COVID, we just needed a place to laugh, ”Lader said.

Isla Lader | Courtesy of Lauren Tapper

The nature of Skintight Outrage’s improv shows is naturally organic, witty, dirty, and unpredictable. During a typical improv show, cast members will perform around nine skits, and before each skit, audience members have the opportunity to provide suggestions and even props that cast members will use in their performance. next sketch. Whatever happens next, it’s really unpredictable. You can have two pirates arguing over a Bob Ross painting, a dance party in a McDonald’s bathroom, or even attend a window washing safety conference.

Each show contains an unlimited bet of sneaky humor and jokes. The possibilities of ridiculous places and characters keep audiences entertained throughout the show.

DU Skintight Outrage (Kevin Kappes, Julian Fontana, Isla Lader) | Courtesy of Lauren Tapper

According to the actors, this organized beauty structure offers both actors and audience members the opportunity to learn from failure, embrace their madness, and take life less seriously. The prompts in the sketch only serve to elicit a comedic thought, while the outcome of the performances themselves relies on a good dynamic between the performers and the audience to become truly magical.

The weekly Skintight Outrage shows take place Wednesdays in the Lindsay Auditorium at 8:30 PM. Be ready to laugh, scream and feed the team muse with outrageous sketch suggestions.

Interested in becoming a Skintight Outrage performer? Auditions will take place on October 9, with recalls on October 17. For more information on Skintight Outrage, visit the links below:

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Instagram: @skintightoutrage

Facebook: Tight contempt

Website: skintightoutrage.com

Spotify: Show some skin

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