A mega party in downtown Montreal with nightly liquor service has just launched ticket sales


If you’ve ever been to a party that felt like it was ending too soon, then NON STOP 24/24 might be for you. From May 21 to 23, Montreal’s SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) is hosting a 29-hour dance party featuring over 30 artists. As the party continues to bump, the drinks will also continue to flow. The party has an unusual exemption from the city to operate its liquor license for 24 hours straight.

This is the first time in the country that an event space has been allowed to serve alcohol for so long. Organizers say they are working on a plan to ensure residents living near the SAT won’t be negatively affected by revelers consuming drinks.

“The NON STOP 24/24 project will enable quality nightlife in our city, capable of competing with the largest metropolises in the world,” said event spokesperson and African-Canadian singer-songwriter Pierre Kwenders.

Starting at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, an uninterrupted lineup of DJs, including Bamboo Hermann, Lost Heroes, Honeydrip and Mr. Bootyspoon, will be playing music until Monday, May 23 at 3 a.m.

Tickets for the event are now on sale at $60+ for the full 24/7 Passport and $40+ for one of two nights.

NON STOP 24/24 is the closing event of the Sommet de la Nuit conference on urban nightlife, which takes place from May 18 to 23 at La Tulipe and the Monument National. Tickets to attend the conference are $75 and are available through Monument National.

The event will open at La Tulipe with an Open Mic evening inviting participants to share testimonials about the night in Montreal. Tickets to attend cost $10 and are available at the La Tulipe box office.

NON-STOP 24/24

When: May 21 at 10 p.m. to May 23 at 3 a.m.

Where: Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1201 boul St-Laurent

Cost: $40 + early bird for one night; $60 + early bird for full event



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