A TikToker analyzed why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie


Remember happy feet, the animated film about a penguin who can’t sing but can tap dance like crazy? Well, one TikToker did the unthinkable and delivered a heartbreaking analysis of the movie, claiming it belongs in the horror genre. And you know what? They are absolutely right. Points have been scored.

mya (@mvuhs) unpacked the deeply bizarre film in two separate three-minute TikToks. It’s true, of them – so you better buckle up for it.

Let’s take a squiz at the first video.


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“I watched this movie for the first time since I was seven yesterday and I swear to God I can’t remember it being that scary,” Myah said.

“If it’s not a horror genre, it’s a psychological thriller, or one of those natural disaster movies that just has you on the edge of your seat, about to piss you off.”

Somehow I like the idea of happy feet fall into the same genre as missing girl more … than This. Amy Dunne walked so mumble (happy feetthe penguin protagonist) could run.

“So, first of all, going into the movie, we just think of ‘happy penguins singing’ or whatever,” Myah continued.

“No. These penguins are horny. Like, there’s literally a part in the movie where the macaroni penguin goes off for an orgy.

The macaroni penguin in question is called Lovelace and looking at his profile on Fandom, the idea of ​​him having an orgy actually makes sense. Basically, he has piles of love stones – in real life these are the stones that male penguins give to lucky women they want to woo – that other penguins have given him in exchange for his wisdom.

His plentiful supply of love stones means he has a lot of influence and all the girls love him. Plus, it looks like a rooter of yesteryear, in my opinion.

The excitement continues as the penguins sing to find soul mates and TBH watches the TikTok, there was absolutely a few moments of bagpipes.

Singing plays a big role in happy feetbut as Myah said in her video, there are also themes of religion and “existential climate change”, as well as a heavy dose of rejection.

You see, the old penguins think “the penguin god” is going to be pissed off because there’s this plot that Mumble (who, as we’ve already established, can’t sing but is a cute tap dancer) steals fish from other penguins because it is “different”.

Looking for answers, Mumble and some of his friends (who are called the Amigos and for some reason are Spanish) decide to visit the wise and hungry Lovelace.

Returning to the theme of religion, Lovelace is “apparently a preacher penguin who feels the Holy Spirit” according to Myah.

The thing is, he’s got the plastic rings of a six-pack wrapped around his neck and they’re literally choking him, which is extremely morbid for a kids movie.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

Myah said Mumble decided to investigate the whole “plastic ring choking Lovelace to death” situation because he had a hunch that humans (or aliens, as he thinks they are) were calling) were behind it all, and he also feels that they are robbing the penguins. ‘ fish.

Mumble tells the Penguin Elders about his thoughts and feelings and they exile him. The nerve!

Mumble, Lovelace and the Amigos go on a journey to get to the bottom of it all and, of course, it’s hectic and they compete with the elements.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

Additionally, Lovelace is “obviously choking and dying with his tongue out and everything and we can hear him gasping for air,” Myah said.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

Mumble, Lovelace and the Amigos eventually find a fishing boat (after surviving a killer whale attack) and our brave protagonist decides to investigate on his own. Unsurprisingly, he fails, ends up washing up on a beach and ending up in a zoo.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

In my opinion, this is where the “horror” and “psychological thriller” elements really come into play, as Mumble essentially begins to descend into madness.

“He’s losing his mind,” Myah said.

“He’s hallucinating, he’s looking at the water, he’s hitting the walls and he’s trying to talk to humans.”

It’s giving Toni Collette slowly become possessed in Hereditary.

And on that note, it’s time to move on to part two of this horror happy feet analysis.


In response to @kalenamishell’s last part, I’m glad everyone enjoyed my thoughts #happyfeet #childhood #childhoodruined #weirdmovies #feverdream #fyp #foryou #cartoons #throwback #moviereview #moviecommentary #greenscreen

♬ original sound – myah

Basically, Myah said Mumble started tap dancing for the humans at the zoo and everyone started balling against the wall at her sweet moves. And then with two shakes of a lamb’s tail, he’s back in Antarctica trying to explain to his penguin buddies that he’s met the humans/aliens and they’ve responded to his tap dancing.

The elderly penguin tries to enlighten poor Mumble by telling him that aliens don’t exist and that he is disobeying the Penguin God.

Meanwhile, my man Mumble has what looks like a fucking bomb strapped to his back, which is actually some kind of tracking device the zoo workers threw at him.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

The device starts beeping and Myah makes a great point saying that as a kid she absolutely would have thought Mumble was about to explode. Once again: unnecessary horror for an animated film for children.

For some reason, all the penguins slowly start dancing, and Mumble’s mum takes him to a cave where his dad is “deeply desperate and sulky”, according to Myah.

“Apparently his father thought that because of his role in the exile, he had just killed his son,” she said.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

Mumble shows his old man how to tap dance and they come out of the cave and meet all the other penguins, where this huge dance party continues.

And then a fucking HELICOPTER flies over everyone. Sorry I thought it was meant to be happy feet not Revelation now?

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

A search party jumps out of the helicopter and begins filming the penguins, who at this point are dancing violently for the humans/aliens. The flash mob images of the penguins are being broadcast around the world and suddenly ambassadors, politicians and everyone else are wondering if humans should keep taking fish from penguins.

Myah said the world was erupting in protest and the situation was completely dominating the news cycle. This is all very apocalyptic and disturbing, in my opinion.

A TikToker took a 6-minute deep dive into why Happy Feet is actually a horror movie

And then the film ends with the powers that be deciding to completely ban fishing in Antarctica.

Listen I know happy feet is a movie and it’s not real, but Myah still presented a gripping case analyzing why it’s a horrible fever dream. I hung on to straws trying to figure out why a kids movie is so disturbing, until I checked out who made it.

It was fucking george millerthe guy who created the post-apocalyptic madmax franchise. And just like that, happy feet checked.

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