A1 Granny Flats receives rave reviews on free consultation


Sydney, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sydney, New South Wales –

A1 Granny Flats in Sydney, Australia recently announced that they are offering a free video consultation to home and building owners looking to add a granny flat to their property.

As the name suggests, A1 Granny Flats built granny flats, also known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), are self-contained living spaces typically on the property of a single family home. They are a popular option for many reasons, including as a way for families to accommodate their older relatives while allowing them some level of independence.

Grandma’s apartments have grown in popularity in recent years as interest in tiny homes has grown. In addition to aging parents and grandparents, secondary suites can be a good option for young adults in the family, or nannies and housekeepers. Some expect the structures to become even more pervasive as multigenerational living situations become more widely accepted. For those living in and around Sydney, Australia, A1 Granny Flats can design and build granny flats for each family’s particular property and needs.

A1 Granny Flats designs custom units to ensure they make efficient use of available space. Rather than assuming that a “one size fits all” solution will work for every situation, A1 Granny Flats knows how to build custom granny flats that complement the neighborhood and provide maximum space, functionality and privacy. They can build a variety of styles of accessory living units, from studio apartments with just living space and a bathroom, to people who can share a kitchen with the property’s main house at the other end. of the spectrum. , three-bedroom tiny homes with full kitchens and dining areas. They even have floor plans already designed with attached garages, for anyone who needs off-street parking or extra storage for their unit. This is just a small selection of the many options available to clients who get a company-built grandma’s apartment.

Potential customers will appreciate knowing this A1 Granny Flats review on Google. This is one of many five star reviews the company has on Google Maps and reads as follows. “I can’t thank A1 Granny Flats enough after falling victim to a fraudulent company – Avalon…. A1 Granny Flats built me ​​a beautiful, quality home due to covid delays, rain delays and delays materials…. Thank you to all the families of A1!!!! My home is beautiful…” This client particularly appreciated the excellent service from A1 Granny Flats after dealing with the negative experience of fraud, and is very pleased with the unit the company designed and A1 Granny Flats walks clients through the process of building an additional unit on their property, from initial appraisal and quote to design and approval, all the way through construction.

Not all properties have space for an additional self-contained unit, so A1 Granny Flats begins each project by assessing the property to ensure there is sufficient space available and that there are no property restrictions or ordinances that would prevent construction. A consultant from the company will provide a free inspection of the property to determine the best location for the unit, as well as the existence of connections to various utilities and access to the property. The company will provide a fixed price quote based on all information available to them, including any structures or trees that may need to be removed and property details.

Although the RFP offered to potential customers is very detailed, A1 Granny Flats always encourages customers to meet with their design team at their showroom so they can interact with the materials that will be used in their unit. and discuss their project in depth with the team, to ensure that the custom design is well suited to their needs. Once that’s done, it’s time to get the necessary permits to build the new unit.


For more information about A1 Granny Flats, contact the company here:

Grandma’s apartments A1
1300 941 037
[email protected]
Unit 11/9-12 Lambridge Pl, Penrith NSW 2750


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