Aldi shoppers rave about £4 worth of face oil which they say ‘makes their skin glow’


Buying new products for your daily skincare routine can be as expensive as it is exciting, which is exactly why we all love a bargain.

Luckily for skincare enthusiasts, budget supermarket Aldi is looking to have you covered with its Lacura brand that lets shoppers buy high-end products without the price tag.

Aldi has described its Lacura skincare range as the “ultimate personal care” as it offers a range of award-winning beauty products designed to make you feel good for less.

And it looks like Aldi has once again pulled out the bag with their budget £3.99 face oil which shoppers say gives their skin a ‘beautiful, healthy glow’.

Shoppers are raving about Lacura Rose Face Oil which promises to “leave your skin feeling soft and smooth” with its intensely hydrating oil.

The face oil is designed to be used in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Skincare enthusiasts looking for that healthy glow can massage two or three drops into their face before adding their moisturizer.

Rose oil is extremely popular in the skin care industry as it contains a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to soothe the skin. Not to mention it smells great and can make you feel less stressed.

Rose face oil has hundreds of five-star reviews

Aldi said of its top-rated rose oil: “Elevate your beauty routine with this Lacura Rose facial oil. It’s the perfect way to hydrate sensitive skin and bring extra luxury to your process. This delicate oil will leave you smelling and feeling amazing. .

And it seems shoppers agree again, as the budget skincare product has racked up 426 five-star reviews on the supermarket’s website.

“Love, love, love – skin game changer – awesome buy,” one buyer raved.

“A great product that feels great on your skin, leaves it feeling soft and with a nice healthy glow,” said a second.

A third impressed buyer commented, “It’s fantastic! My skin really glows now and looks younger and smoother! Perfect for combination skin!”

A fourth said, “This rose oil is giving me the best results for my skin I’ve had in a very long time… And at this price, it’s just amazing!!! Take it while you can because if this secret comes out, it won’t be long before everyone is looking for a bottle of this stuff.”

“I’ve only been using it for a week and I can see a difference on my skin, much faster results than a more expensive oil I’ve used,” a sixth agreed.

Aldi’s £3.99 Lacura Rose Facial Oil is exclusively available to buy online only and is not currently available in stores. You can buy your own bottle here.

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