Aldi shoppers rave about ‘lush’ new halloumi nuggets


Aldi shoppers are thrilled with a new product they described as “absolutely lush”.

It’s usually items from SpecialBuy’s iconic range that get shoppers buzzing, but this time the supermarket has managed to send shoppers into a frenzy with halloumi.

The budget supermarket has launched new Halloumi Nuggets for just £2.49 as part of their Specially Selected range and shoppers can’t wait to try them.

Aldi’s popular Specially Selected range is developed by people with a passion for food and aims to bring gourmet dining to customers’ homes.

The mouth-watering nuggets are described as “delicious halloumi cheese wrapped in a crunchy coating” and they sound like any cheese lover’s dream!

A savvy shopper found the delicious new nuggets at his local Aldi store and shared a preview of the find on the popular Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

The Facebook group is popular with shoppers who tend to share the latest bargains they can find in UK stores.

A savvy shopper shared the tantalizing find on Facebook

The post was captioned: ‘NEW Halloumi Nuggets £2.49 at ALDI’ and shoppers flocked to the comments section with rave reviews.

Since the snap was shared less than a day ago, nearly 4,000 shoppers have taken the time to comment on the delicious new nuggets.

“I had some tonight, they were very nice x” commented a happy customer.

“It can make me happy weekend x” commented another happy customer.

While a third commented: ‘We bought them they are lush x.’

A fourth buyer followed up with, “have you ever seen anything so beautiful.”

A fifth buyer said the new nuggets were “for halloumi obsessives!”

While the new halloumi nuggets certainly made most shoppers’ taste buds tingle, a few advised others that they might need some water on hand.

One shopper advised, “Good but salty, keep a liter of water handy.”

A second shopper also said they “They’re lovely but found them a little salty x.”

Aldi’s specially selected Halloumi nuggets are available in-store and online now.


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