Alex Levin loves rave reviews for modern abstract Jerusalem and Jewish paintings


Talented Israeli Artist and Founder of Art Levin Corp, Inc. Continues to Receive Praise After Release of Modern Abstract Jerusalem and Jewish Paintings Collection

Alex Levin of Art Levin Corp Inc. continues to reiterate its commitment to use his creativity and ingenuity to create unique works of art that offer an astonishing blend of surrealism and realism, as evidenced by the Modern abstract Jerusalem and Jewish paintings. The collection has continued to receive praise from art collectors around the world for its exclusivity and uniqueness.

I am delighted to ignite your imagination with my new Abstract Colors of Judaism series. With strong, modern shapes and eye-catching colors, I seek to capture the eternal spirit of Israel and Jerusalem. My paintings evoke light and movement while representing classic places in Jerusalem. The series includes abstract paintings of the streets of Old Jerusalem, the Jewish Temple, and the Western Wall (Kotel). This series invites you to see Jerusalem in a new and deep way while revealing the city’s aura as well as visual commentary on its amazing energy. Travel with me to the Eternal City of PeaceSaid Alex Levin.

The global art industry has evolved over the years, with the emergence of a plethora of talented artists creating “out of this world” pieces to meet the demands of collectors. However, Alex levin practically challenges the status quo, leveraging his years of experience and the wealth of knowledge gained while studying with Professor Baruch Elron, the former president of the Association of Israeli Artists, to create works by exceptional art.

Alex Levin shows the holiness and rigidity of Israel and Eternal Jerusalem in Modern Abstract Jerusalem and Jewish paintings, offering a fresh perspective through modern shapes, colors and compositions. The series includes over 100 paintings that show the connection between both heavenly and earthly Jerusalem. The collection tells about the different views of Jerusalem through the painting of a talented artist.

In addition to modern abstract Jerusalem and Jewish paintings, Alex has also created several other series that have captured the attention of art collectors around the world. Other works by the Israeli artist include Jewish and Judaic paintings, Jerusalem paintings, Paintings from the Temple of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv paintings, wall banners and Sukkah decoration, among others.

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