Aryan Khan was not present at rave party on cruise ship, had no money to buy drugs: lawyers



Son of Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan’s attorneys, senior attorneys Amit Desai and Satish Maneshinde have argued that he was not present during the rave party raid on the cruise ship, which ‘he had no money to buy drugs or narcotics on him.

In a sensational claim, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) alleged on Wednesday that Khan, along with others, was prima facie involved in “illicit drug trafficking, contraband supply and distribution” banned under of the NDPS law.

The agency has also accused Aryan Khan of being in contact with people overseas who may be part of an international illegal drug syndicate and is continuing its investigations to uncover his links to contact the foreign agency through them. appropriate channels.

The BCN statement came at a hearing on the bail applications of Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha, Mohak Jaswal, Nupur Satija, Aachit Kumar, Shreyas Nair and Avin Sahu before the NDPS VV Special Judge Patil.

As arguments remained incomplete, the case will continue on Thursday afternoon, and Aryan Khan and the 7 other people arrested have remained in detention since October 2.

The BCN’s allegations came in its response opposing the bail requests of Aryan Khan, Merchant and Dhamecha.

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He said that at first glance there is sufficient physical evidence in the form of WhatsApp chats, photos, etc. showing that Aryan Khan was an active link in the chain of illegal drugs with the other defendants.

The agency said Aryan Khan used to procure the drug from Merchant, from which 5 grams of charas were collected, and that they are both closely associated, which is sufficient to establish the offenses. , while Aachit Kumar, caught after Khan’s statement, was caught with 2.6 grams. of the ganja.

The response indicates that the arrests of the other vendors and defendants are part of a larger chain, link and conspiracy.

Since there has been a seizure of commercial quantities of drugs, the non-recovery of drugs from one person (Aryan Khan) cannot be dealt with in isolation as all are interrelated and “inextricably linked”.

Strongly opposing Aryan Khan’s request for bail, the BCN said that since he is an influential person, he could tamper with evidence or influence witnesses and could flee justice.

Desai, however, called the NCB’s drug trafficking allegations absurd and false in nature since he was not even on the ship during the raids, but the NCB said Aryan Khan had the used to get his drug from Merchant.

Aryan Khan, along with Merchant, Dhamecha, Satija, Jaswal, Ishmeet Singh Chadha, Vikrant Chhoker and Gomit Chopra were arrested in the first round on October 3 and, on October 7, sent back to 14 days of judicial detention by a magistrate in Mumbai.

The BCN later made a series of arrests, a total of around 20 to date and all of the accused are in different types of detention.

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