AtlasIED Introduces New Controls and Firmware Updates for the Atmosphere Audio Control and Processing System – rAVe [PUBS]


AtlasIED has introduced new compatibility and design opportunities for its Atmosphere audio processing and control system. Designed for hospitality, education, worship, retail and other commercial environments, Atmosphere uses touchless control, automation and artificial intelligence to simplify installation, customization and operation digital audio systems. With the introduction of new firmware updates, third-party control modules and accessory options, AtlasIED has further optimized Atmosphere to meet the real needs of its customers.

The firmware update offers new features, including an open API. With this update, AtlasIED expands the capabilities of the Atmosphere platform by facilitating third-party control support for manufacturers such as Crestron, AMX, and Extron. The company has also developed native drivers to meet compatibility requirements, allowing end users to integrate AtlasIED technology into a wider variety of audio, video and networking devices to create a unified system.

Atmosphere’s noise detection sensors have also received an upgrade. Users can now set rules and thresholds for these sensors, which automatically increase or decrease volume based on ambient noise detected in an environment. Users have the option of being alerted when unexpected loud noise is detected or if ambient or crowd-generated noise becomes excessive. Similarly, a notification can be triggered when the ambient noise drops below a predetermined threshold.

In addition to opening up its API, AtlasIED says it plans to make third-party programming even easier with the release of three control modules. The company has released three official modules with Crestron, Extron, and AMX that allow native control of the Atmosphere API within each brand’s programming environment. All modules are available for download on the AXM4 and AZM8 product pages. The Crestron module is available for 3 and 4 series controllers and can also be found on Crestron’s app market.

In addition to these firmware updates, AtlasIED also announced the availability of new hardware options designed to better integrate into a wider variety of design aesthetics found in installations across various industrial sectors. The company’s selection of accessory wall plates (which include ambient noise sensors, advanced multi-zone and volume controllers, Bluetooth, XLR and RCA audio inputs) are now available in black options, in addition to previously available white models. The black option is currently available on six design models in the US, with international availability still to come.


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