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The summer after my freshman year at UT-Austin, I got a fake ID that was realistic enough to only get pulled over once by a shrewd door guy at the Liberty. After I turned 21, I passed it on to a younger roommate, who quickly lost it to Barracuda (RIP). A friendly bartender messaged my boyfriend, “Found this on the floor. Didn’t know Rachel was from Connecticut!”

For those not interested in the illegal, all ages are regularly welcome at the Ballroom, Far Out Lounge and Mohawk. Empire Control Room and Parish have also increased majority offers of all ages as part of a new reservation by Resound Presents. Breweries and restaurants are also reliable choices for watching under-21 shows, including ABGB, Kick Butt Coffee, Meanwhile Brewing, Radio Coffee & Beer, Independence Brewing and Kenny Dorham’s Backyard surrounded by truckloads of coffee. restoration. If you’re just looking to dance, there are over 18 nights at Mala Vida (Thursdays) and Rain on the 4th (select weeknights).

Naturally, the biggest touring venues like ACL Live, Emo’s, the Long Center and Stubb’s also host thousands of people for, say, Harry Styles at the new Moody Center on the UT campus. All of the above are definitely worth following, but if you’re looking for the indie, locally-sourced, or undergraduate-oriented type curation, scroll through the following Instagram accounts.

Check it out if you’re looking for some substantial live music under 21…

Formerly known as the Spider House Ballroom, the Ballroom offers the closest venue and disco ball to UT, booking for all ages and often through Spune Productions (@spune).


The student radio frequency, 91.7FM, regularly selects artists from Austin collegiate and beyond for more than 18 shows at venues around the city, alongside their on-air programming.

Austin’s largest independent concert promoter regularly invites all ages to rising stars and legacy alternative standards from Stereolab to Girlpool.

This interesting and reliable collection of Austin punk gigs prioritizes no age restrictions, including Acaustix, Algara, Damak and more at Mohawk on August 30.

Not always for all ages, the Texas Emo Club is throwing a new emo/rap Tear Drop party for 18+ tonight, August 18, featuring emotive sounds like Lil Peep, SZA and $uicideboy$ in Parish. Sadly, their crown jewel, Jimmy Eat Wednesday, is 21+.

Headliners — UT’s student-run planning committee — organizes free ID concerts like the 24th Street Festival and springtime centerpiece Forty Acres Fest, featuring Coin earlier this year.

The best place to find announcements for the on-campus listening room, the Cactus Cafe, a legendary scene for stars like Lucinda Williams, with open mics every Tuesday, is UT’s University Unions page.


Also $5 and for all ages, the 11-year-old Exploded Drawing party brings together electro, beatmaking, hip-hop and more in an art warehouse space, with no elevated stage. See Crucial Concerts for Friday’s lineup.

More U-21 endorsements: West Campus co-ops historically put on shows, especially during South by Southwest, but you’ll likely find posters outside of the official accounts (which are @pearlstreetcoop, @frenchhousecoopand @21ststreetcoop). For free, family-friendly music, try Austin’s many cultural celebration centers, like the Asian American Resource Center (@aarcatx), Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (@esbmacc) and the George Washington Carver Museum (@carvermuseumatx).

To follow if you are a budding rave of the Artsy Underground variety…

Every viral TikTok I see of an Austin tunnel party attracts the same comments: “Where do you find this stuff?” While the mainstream rock booking is still using Facebook Events, Austin’s mercurial rave scene is materializing on Instagram. Beyond much-loved downtown standards like Cheer Up Charlies and Coconut Club for original dance and electronic music, find informal options below — potentially only briefly accurate until the owner notices. . These gatherings are usually 21+.

Pronounced “twelve twenty-two”, roving 1222. Productions’ text localization logistics could lead anywhere from a laundromat to a Long John Silver’s.

“Hedonistic therapy party” is an ideal biography for this recurring bacchanalia encouraged by fetishist clothing, furthermore self-penned as a “weird techno rave” by East Cesar Chavez.


BYOB until late at night, this new concept takes up residence in the former Forever Eternal Moments venue at the Coconut Club complex, which opened last weekend with Chicago heavyweight Ariel Zetina of Discwoman.

The combined efforts of a few DIY backers, Death of Affect Booking focuses on dance and experimental music following a notable post-show collaboration with Oblivion Access Festival in May.

Founded around a massive frequency-delivering sound system, these rogue outdoor rave launchers haul heavy equipment through tunnels, fields and bridges – they also recently released the first Freq System record for Mort.Domed.

Emerging from its New York beginnings at Brooklyn’s bustling Public Records, this Texas cassette store lists electronic minds like Saliyah, Kept, Kinder and Corduroi – often in live presentations.

Residents of this internationally oriented online station contribute monthly mixes (on SoundCloud and, also bringing offline house and techno to stacked events.

A creative studio space by day, the open-ended Suite 650 caused a stir with a mandatory masquerade ball last month, mixing latex performances with a chamber orchestra.

More Ravey mentions: To add to the clutter of collaborators listed above, @vileconstruct and @directressvisions teamed up for Inferno earlier this month, both sniffing for great graphics. @cowgirlevents‘ the last party involved a mud wrestling at a surprise, albeit cleverly named, location @bitchesplaymusic (aka BPM) went with the theme “Sexy, Sweaty, Slippery”. Also, @studio69atx offers the current identity of a longtime North Austin DIY area.


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