Bharti demands the closure of Ahaatas through the MP by a single Fiat


BJP leader Uma Bharti on Tuesday demanded that the party government in Madhya Pradesh ban all “Ahaatas” or open places near liquor stores where alcohol is consumed by a single order.

The former chief minister, who campaigned for tougher restrictions on the distribution of alcohol in the state, also visited a

Ahaata is located next to a school in the Karond area here after visiting a Hanuman temple.
In a series of Hindi tweets afterwards, Bharti said: “Yesterday I said the alcohol mafia was going to attack me and defame me by spreading lies…”

“While I was speaking to the public, someone asked me if I was giving the opposition an opportunity to weaken the government, but my straight answer is that Ahaatas are illegal,” Bharti said.

“If by one order all these state facilities are shut down, then … the opposition will have no opportunity,” she said.

But she will not sit in silence just because raising her voice will give the opposition an opportunity to attack the state government, she added.

If the government has issued an order to close Ahaatas, she will go to Mantralaya (state government seat) from her residence with a “Diya” (earthen lamp) in her hand to praise the government, the senior leader added. of the BJP.

To raise awareness about alcohol consumption, Bharti previously announced that she would not be staying in any homes from November 7 to January 14.

Instead, she will stay in a hut or tent outside a liquor store or ahaata and hold public meetings, she said.

(Inputs from PTI)


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