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Bombay: In another twist of the Cordelia Cruiser raid, a BJP activist claimed on Saturday that Sunil Patel, who is linked to NCP leaders, is the alleged “mastermind” of the sensational case in which Aryan Khan, son of the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, was arrested.

Speaking to the media, Bharatiya Janata Party activist Mohit Kamboj-Bharatiya said Patil, originally from Dhule, had close ties to all the main leaders and ministers of the Nationalist Congress Party and had prior knowledge of the A rave party that was scheduled for the cruiser, which was raided by the Mumbai area manager of the Narcotics Control Bureau, Sameer Wankhede, on October 2.

According to Bharatiya, Patil, who is a friend of former Minister of State Anil Deshmukh’s son Hrishikesh Deshmukh, bragged about his close relationship with NCP leaders and how Anil Deshmukh is said to have previously met the trafficker. drug, Chinku Pathan, a collaborator of the Don Dawood mafia. Ibrahim Kaskar, at a government guesthouse during lockdown.

National CPN spokesman and Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik refuted Bharatiya’s claims, calling them an unsuccessful attempt “by a member of Wankhede’s private army to deceive and distract from the truth” .

In elaborating, Bharatiya claimed that Patil is also linked to others whose names have popped up in recent weeks like Sam D’Souza, Kiran Gosavi, Prabhakar Sail and Manish Bhanushali and “they work as a union”.

He alleged that they attempted to extort money and were involved in transfers and assignments of officials, and accused Malik of “writing a false story to defame the BJP, NCB and its officers” .

Bharatiya asked about Patil’s relationship with Malik and other senior NCP leaders and ministers with whom he (Patil) has a close relationship.

“Patil has booked a suit at the Lalit Hotel for months. There were big parties with ‘sharab, shabab and kebab’ there for those who attended… I will reveal more, ”he warned.

The BJP activist said Patil had prior knowledge of the cruise’s rave night and wanted a connection that could put him in touch with the NCB and was referred to Gosavi.

“They are all (Gosavi, D’Souza, Bhanushali) Patil’s associates. I received audio-video clips and WhatsApp messages from someone and forwarded them to the investigative agencies, ”Bharatiya said.

Meanwhile, Malik said he would reveal more about the Lalit hotel episode on Sunday, although some BJP executives advised him not to go to NCB and let the agency do its job. .

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