BJP MP Bandi Sanjay says CM KCR runs Telangana drunk after police raid at rave party


Chairman and MP of Bharatiya Janata Party Telangana Bandi Sanjay Kumar has challenged CM K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) to arrest all those suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and consumption.

The statement comes a day after police raided the Pudding & Mink pub at the Radisson Hotel in Banjara Hills. The raid revealed that more than 100 people were using alcohol and drugs.

Former labor minister and Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary has released a statement denying claims that her daughter was in the pub raided by police on Sunday.

Five packets of white powder, later confirmed to be cocaine, were seized in Sunday’s raid. It is alleged that one of those arrested by Hyderabad police at a star hotel on Sunday is the son of a BJP leader.

“If you have the guts, ask the police department to arrest everyone involved in drug use and dealing and send them for narcotics testing. We won’t object if the case even involves the BJP leaders,” Sanjay said.

Stating that the BJP is very strict in dealing with drug traffickers and users, Sanjay said his party would not allow them to continue under any circumstances. He further alleged that the majority of those involved in the narcotics affair belonged to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

“It became a habit for KCR to set up a Hungama in the name of conducting an investigation and after earning money from the accused, he would close the case silently,” BJP chief said. .

He alleged that the chief minister was running Telangana while inebriated. “While PM Modi strives hard for 18 hours a day, KCR only spends 18 hours drinking,” Bandi Sanjay said.

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The Congress party also struck against the ruling TRS. All India Congress Committee (AICC) spokesman Sravan Dosanjh has claimed that Greater Hyderabad has turned into Bangkok.

“TRS is turning a global city into a major drug city in 8 years of its mismanagement. TRS MPs and MPs are running pubs in Hyderabad. Why don’t the police take action against ministers and MPs who playing cards and chewing gutka banned in the state. If the TRS government is sincere in its control of the drug menace, it must shut down pubs in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madhapur and Gachi Bowli,” a- he alleged.

He also asked parents to keep an eye on their children. Congress leaders also claimed that the drug culture in Telangana was alarming and that strict action was needed instead of washing eyes.

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