Black History Month parade draws crowds to Bakersfield


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – As Black History Month draws to a close, hundreds of people marched through the streets of downtown Bakersfield to celebrate black history.

The Black History Parade in downtown Bakersfield drew hundreds to the streets in a celebration that lasted for hours on Saturday afternoon.

The parade was packed with people lining the streets as horses, floats and groups from across the community made their way through the masses. The celebration focused on the achievements of the black community with a central theme of reunion.

“There are so many people here celebrating Black History Month,” said Brenda Lewis, the parade’s grand marshal. “Of course it was a month of celebration and today we came out as a community and as a people.”

Vendors and other groups set up tents to serve hot food and sell wares.

“I’ve seen an abundance of nothing but love and things that really uplift us and move us in the right direction,” parade goer Billy Fanning said.

At one point, the event transformed from a classic parade into a dance party that took over the entire street.

The youngsters formed a breakdancing circle as a final climax before the main festivities ended.

“I think the takeaway is that we have a lot to celebrate in our history, our culture, in our contributions to this United States and I think it’s wonderful that we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate this with members of our community,” Lewis mentioned.

Parade goers say the celebration doesn’t stop there. It goes further than that. Black history as well as the achievements of the black community should be celebrated year-round.


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