Bond Bridge Pro’s RF-to-WiFi control platform now extends to interior shades powered by Nice Sun Shading Solutions – rAVe [PUBS]


Cresskill, NJ – July 14, 2022 – Olibra, parent company of award-winning Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi home control solutions, today announced compatibility with Nice interior shade motors.

The Bond Bridge Pro ($379) simplifies and unifies the control of blinds, awnings, and ceiling fans by replicating commands from their RF remote. The Bond Home Smartphone/Tablet app also brings new features. This includes planning/scheduling, as well as voice control via, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings apps. Bond Bridge Pro controls up to fifty devices in a 3,500 square foot home and for larger installations, multiples can be used.

In North America, Nice does not offer a native app solution like Bond Bridge. In the past, installers have had to assemble third-party accessories that aren’t as sturdy. Bond Bridge Pro is the only way to wirelessly control Nice motorized blinds natively in North America. It can also now serve as a single unifying operating system when Niceand other shade motors are used in an installation. This streamlines effort, reduces accessory costs and eliminates the need for additional training.

Bond Bridge Pro operates blinds from Somfy, Rollease Acmeda, Bofu, A-OK, Dooya, J. Geiger and Nice and integrates with ELAN, Savant, Control4, Crestron, URC, RTI, Homebridge and Hubitat home automation systems. In 2021 CE Pro Magazine recognized Bond Bridge Pro with its IoT/Connected Product award (Control Interface category) which honored IoT-related products from the residential and commercial market.

Bond Bridge Pro’s functionality plays to the very heart of what consumers are looking for in smart shade control.
This is validated in Bond Bridge’s in-depth survey of 100,000 active users of the Bond Bridge platform. Easy to read and informative, the survey identifies that convenience, voice control, integration, security and Smarthome are all key factors. Access the survey here:

Pleasant SpA is an Italian multinational that designs, manufactures and markets home automation products in more than one hundred countries around the world. Solutions include residential and commercial interior shades, exterior shades, awnings and shutters, automated gates and door operations, security solutions and accessories. Nice is the parent of Nortek Control and ELAN control systems, whose Bond platform is compatible.


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