Boris Brejcha unveils his tenth studio album ‘Never Stop Dancing’



Boris Brejcha unveils his highly anticipated new album ‘Never Stop Dancing’: listen

Boris Brejcha shares their highly anticipated tenth studio album ‘Never stop dancing‘today, a work imbued with techno and its minimal high-tech signature, which promises to shake up the most frequented dancefloors. Today, November 26, is a doubly special date for the masked artist and his legion of fans. Not only is this the release date of this twelve-track Invigorations EP via Ultra, but also Boris Brejcha’s birthday. This famous artist’s birthday is, but the party is for everyone, especially with this euphoric soundtrack, already available via the usual platforms.

Over the past few months, Brejcha has shared a few snippets from his brand new LP, previewing the refined techno that would predominate on the album. ‘Spice‘,’House Music‘,’Take a ride‘,’Twisted reality‘and title song’Never stop dancing‘are the first five tracks on the album and those that had already been released individually. Now these five stylish tracks are joined by seven new ones, to compose ‘Never Stop Dancing’.

Boris Brejcha is internationally known not only for his performances with an incredible Venetian mask, but also for his author performances which turn out to be veritable storms of energy. Another talent of the hidden legend is the release of acclaimed albums. Although he only burst onto the scene in 2006, he has proven to be an active and hardworking player with a significant discography in number and quality. Proof of this contagious energy and enviable production rate is 2021. Prior to ‘Never Stop Dancing’, Boris Brejcha released this year ‘GO OUT‘,’Matrix‘, and ‘Vodka & Orange‘, all wrapped up in the creativity and sound so particular to this original artist.

“Never Stop Dancing” presents Boris’ wife Ginger collaborate on numerous singles, which has happened several times throughout the artist’s discography. The vocals, whether more or less distorted, are a key and valuing element of many Boris Brejcha singles and in this last album, she participates in five tracks.

In addition to the five already known pieces, this floor-oriented LP features seven brand new dance pieces. ‘Life after death‘is a cutting edge piece seasoned with emphatic high percussion, with a tech house touch. ‘Hold up your speakers‘has the characteristic rhythm of Brejcha, his undulating synthesizer, on which he wrote a minimal high-tech. ‘State of mind‘is a very dynamic track, more cosmic and trippy than the previous ones, proving to be another quality production from the talented couple. ‘Falcon‘is a little deeper and darker, it is a more introspective and melodic specimen, without losing the marked rhythm present in the whole album, quite similar conceptually to’Himmelblau‘. ‘Underground world‘ and ‘Skywalker‘share a somewhat industrial DNA, drawing on the classic sounds of European techno with a few touches of stridence that translate into the fantastic and magical concept of Brejcha.

It is without a doubt another example of the finesse of the productions of this brilliant artist and one which deserves to be listened to and danced over and over again. Listen below for “Never Stop Dancing”:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha (via Facebook)



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