Braxton returns to Anjunadeep with lavish EP “SpaceTime”


Up-and-coming producer and DJ Braxton returns to Anjunadeep with the lavish EP “SpaceTime” released May 30, featuring his acclaimed collaboration with Jody Wisternoff & James Grant, “SpaceTime” which appeared on the recent Anjunadeep 13.

The euphoric and magical title track ‘Space-time’ was actually written deep in lockdown when Braxton felt he was struggling with a sense of purpose and the days seemed to merge together. After Braxton sent the demo to Jody Wisternoff and James Grant, the duo gave it their personal touch, complemented by their other worldly sound. ‘Space-time‘ received a fantastic reaction when played, including at Anjunadeepit is Printing event and live broadcast of Anjunadeep 13 in Montenegro.

Braxton go deeper with ‘River’ who was inspired by his love of the late 90s rave scene and iconic gigs of that era such as Orbital and underworld. The hypnotic track is about Braxton find your way “back to reality” after the long and disconcerting periods of confinement.

(Do not wake me up ‘ closes the EP perfectly and is described by Braxton as darkest track I’ve released. It fully represents the headspace I was in when I wrote it. This was me at the hardest time of 2021, when everyone was hurting, and I just escaped into the music.

On ‘Space-time’ PE Braxton said: I think we’ve all had a long and strange journey over the past two years. But throughout this trip, I felt like I couldn’t move, like I was trapped in a dream. The SpaceTime EP is the sound of it all, and about slowly coming out of it together, moving to moments that have meaning again.

Brighton-based producer and DJ Braxton got stronger and stronger, after famous releases on Anjunadeep – ‘Indigo‘EP and a’my stripes‘ remix collaboration with Marshmore ‘The spaces‘ and ‘Hang on‘ with Lauren The Magnet on Colorize.

Listen to the tracks below!


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