Chaotic week of rave in Italy ends following death, birth and widespread sexual assault –



An unauthorized six-day rave that claimed the life of one person and hospitalized several others was ultimately halted by police north of Rome.

The event is said to have drawn thousands of people across Europe. A 24-year-old man named Gianluca Santiago of London sadly lost his life in the middle of the event. He was found dead off nearby Lake Mezzano.

According to EuroObserver, the participants experienced a hellish landscape characterized by strewn syringes, dogs dying of hunger and heat exhaustion, and rampant sexual assault. A baby was also born amid the chaos, according to local media.

“The situation is out of control, no negotiation is possible, public order must be restored, people identified and responsibility for such a gathering established,” said Lazio regional health adviser Alessio D ‘Amato.

The police initially struggled to break up the rave, which is said to have attracted more than 10,000 people. However, 2,000 have since been identified. Authorities are now focused on assigning appropriate responsibility for the event and assessing the potential public health ramifications after a raver was reportedly hospitalized with COVID-19 following the illicit gathering.

“After six days, with a dead boy, economic and environmental damage, health risks, the rave party ends at Lake Mezzano, without the state doing anything to prevent his disgrace,” said the politician Italian Giorgia Meloni.



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