Cities known for their party scene around the world


Cities known for their party scene around the world

Our ability to party may have been severely reduced over the past two years thanks to the closures and restrictions imposed in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the general trend across the world in the third quarter of 2021 has seen a more relaxed attitude return with recurring nightclubs and festivals. So maybe it’s time to start dreaming about a break in 2022 and figure out which cities offer the best party atmosphere. Unfortunately, the rise of the Omicron variant has once again led to tighter restrictions in some countries. For example, music events in Scotland have once again limited their numbers – but hopefully not for too long. Relax, sit back, and start dreaming as you plan to hit the cities with the funniest vibes you can find. Different people have different ideas of what makes their ideal party venue, so here, in no particular order, are our ten favorite cities and why we think they make an ideal destination for lovers of nightlife and hedonism.

While the UK has some amazing party towns like Brighton, London, Newcastle and Bristol, we’ll take a look at some more far-flung destinations in this article.

New York

The Big Apple is famous for its ever-changing nightlife that refuses to stand still or be categorized. It is not known as the city that never sleeps for no good reason. You will find every taste catered for from every place imaginable. From rooftop lounges to giant basement and warehouse dance clubs. You can choose any genre of music, from hip-hop and drums and bass to big jazz stars. New York really has it all and if frenetic appeals to you, you’ll love the vibe here.


The most famous and glitzy of casino towns, Las Vegas is unlike any other place on earth. You have the chance to travel the world from here. See the famous landmarks of Paris and Venice and hear the biggest names perform at Caesars Palace. Nightclubs abound in Sin City and if gambling is your game, you can’t beat this busy playground. Visit the world’s most famous casinos to get your adrenaline pumping on slot machines or table games – will you choose Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette or Blackjack? Even if you can’t get there right away, you can still have fun at an online casino with PayPal withdrawals to experience gaming from home.


The Balearic Islands are renowned for their sun, sandy beaches and beauty. While Ibiza may be smaller than neighboring Mallorca, what it lacks in size it makes up for in club culture and trendy bars. San Antonio is the most well-known destination for hardcore dance fanatics, but Ibiza Town also has a club scene to be reckoned with. Attracting the likes of the Chemical Brothers and the hottest DJs, you’ll find huge dance floors and a crazy stage. Cocktails and sangria flow all night long in this sunny spot.


Thailand is a must-visit destination for all types of travellers, and the party animal will never be disappointed in its capital. Home to the infamous Khao San Road, you’ll find tourists and locals drinking from buckets full of booze. A favorite destination are expat bars and when they close there are after-hours drinking clubs that stay open until 5am. This city also offers jazz lounges, futuristic cafes and clubs as well as sophisticated rooftop lounges. You can even party in an art gallery here at the super-stylish Bed Supper Club. Where, if it all gets too much, you can have dinner served to you while you relax on a plush white bed.

St. Tropez

Once a sleepy fishing village in the south of France, St Tropez no longer sleeps. For some time now, it has been the go-to destination for celebrities. It presents itself as the most glamorous destination on the Côte d’Azur. It’s the quintessence of French chic and bonhomie with its post-beach bars and nightclubs full of VIPs. You can transport yourself to the 70s at the Caves du Roy by dancing in front of the wall mirrors under the flashing disco balls. Drink champagne like a movie star if you’re glamorous enough to pass the doormen. The VIP lounge here is known to host Karl Lagerfeld and P Diddy. St Tropez is definitely a place to bring your credit card because everything from drinks to accommodation in this most sophisticated playground comes at a premium.


A very different experience – Montreal offers a mix of laid back, exotic and trendy clubs and bars. There’s a cool hip-hop club called Buona Notte that features a neon pink interior. Montreal’s stars and elite have been partying here for over 20 years and you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with Justin Timberlake who is known to hang out here. If acid rock and indie are more your soundtrack, then Suco might just be the all-night hangout for you. There are also some amazing bars and restaurants to try in this party-loving city.

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