Cpm Vision Docu reported protests against K-rail | News from Thiruvananthapuram


Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Development Vision Paper endorsed by the CPM state conference flagged the possible high decibel protest against the K-Rail project and called on the party to take action to crush political resistance by winning public trust.
“As there is a lack of experience in carrying out large-scale projects such as K-Rail, many kinds of protests are likely to emerge. While effectively dealing with political innuendo, the party should also take responsibility to gain the trust of the public. No project can be successfully implemented without building the trust of the people,” the document states.
CPM Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan released the document for public discussion on Saturday. He said the vision document for the development of Kerala, approved by the state committee, does not require any further clearance from the party‘s political bureau. The vision document was adopted by the state conference in which eight PB members were part. If PB had a different point of view, they would have raised it at the conference, he said.
However, the document is not final. It would be discussed in public and party forums. The document would also be discussed at the Party Congress. “It is essentially an extension of the LDF manifesto and is fully in line with party policy and programs. The final version of the document would only be ready after extensive discussions within the DFL. The vision document was necessitated by the consecutive victory of the front,” he said.
The 44-page document has four parts. The first two parts explain the interventions of the CPM in the development of Kerala up to 2016 and the interventions of the first Pinarayi Vijayan government. In the third part, the document makes several suggestions for the development of Kerala. The last part deals with the responsibility that the party must assume to translate the vision of development into action.
The emphasis on private investment in the vision document presented by Chief Minister and CPM Politburo Member Pinarayi Vijayan was absolutely in line with CPM’s approach to private investment, Kodiyeri said. “The party has always considered the importance of private investment for large-scale development. The only thing is that private capital should be accepted after studying its pros and cons. The conditions laid down for such assistance should never run counter to the interests of the state,” Kodiyeri said.


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