Crossmauz gained 100,000 subscribers after bedroom rave but hasn’t aired since


Earlier this week, 15-year-old German Twitch streamer crossmauz became a viral sensation. A video clip started making the rounds on Twitter showing crossmauz celebrating victory after being killed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He didn’t backflip or say anything offensive – he did. hosted a rave for someone at their parents’ house. basement.

The clip was first posted to Twitter by the user @kittyzandpichuwho noticed crossmauz’s stream after being killed in game. above a clip of crossmauz blowing his own eardrums.

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If you are sensitive to light or loud noises, do not click the play button on this clip. This kid has lasers, lights, a heart rate monitor, massive speakers, and even a pyrotechnic setup spitting flames into an enclosed space, which appears to be a fire code violation.

The clip has been viewed over 20 million times and received over half a million likes. It also directs a lot of traffic to The crossmauz Twitch channelwhich has gained over 100,000 subscribers since the clip went viral (according to Dexerto).

Unfortunately, the last time crossmauz hosted a stream seems to have been back in March. Most of crossmauz’s streams are in the “just chatting” channel, with the latest amassing 335,000 views.

Before you think crossmauz’s rave-per-kill policy got him punished by his parents or a noise violation by the police, I’m directing you to Instagram page of crossmauz where recent messages indicate that he is on vacation in the United States. Here is a post from him pack a bunch of camera gear (our boy is obviously a bit of a techie), and here’s another eating a taco in dallas texas.

Hopefully crossmauz will be back soon and rave for Call of Duty kills. In the meantime, enjoy your crossmauz vacation.

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