Decoding Jimmy Cooks meaning of Drake as fans rave about new track


Drake’s Seventh Studio Album Honestly it doesn’t matter garnered mixed reviews from listeners. However, one track in particular, jimmy cooks, really seduced many. Here we take a look at the lyrics and the possible meaning of the song.

The singer’s latest project was revealed via a surprise Instagram announcement on June 16. Along with the release time, Drake also shared the tracklist for Honestly, it doesn’t matterconsisting of 14 songs.

As his collaboration with 21 Savage is considered the best of the lot, here’s what we know about the track.

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Deciphering the possible meaning of Jimmy Cooks

jimmy cooks from Drake’s latest album features 21 Savage.

Although Drake did not explicitly speak about jimmy cooks or what the name of the track might mean, Genius notes that the song “dives into Drake’s professional journey and references the rapper’s debut as an actor on the Canadian television show, Degrassi.

For the uninitiated, the rapper starred as Jimmy Brooks on the show for nearly a decade before fully focusing on music.

As for the use of Cooks, besides the fact that it rhymes with his character name “Brooks”, Drake sings about giving up his life in a “dovecote” to become a “night owl”, which is perhaps a reference to the past when he juggled between playing during the day and practicing music at night.

Another set of lyrics read, “The more ambition I cook on a stove,” which may be a reference to Drake’s transition from acting to music.

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Honestly Nevermind has 14 songs

Drake’s seventh album has 14 songs in total, but fans seem to have liked only two: Responsibility and Jimmy Cooks.

The album also drew disappointing reviews as critics feel that its latest release is not on the same level as last year’s. Certified loverboy and those before.

Below is the full track list if you want to listen to the album.

  1. Introduction
  2. fall back
  3. The texts turn green
  4. Currents
  5. A guardian
  6. calling my name
  7. Sticky
  8. Massive
  9. The flight is booked
  10. Overdrive
  11. Downhill
  12. tie that binds
  13. Responsibility
  14. Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage)

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Fans choose their favorite

Among all the songs of Honestly it doesn’t matterfans think Jimmy Cooks stands out for its bolder melody and lyrics that provide a different vibe.

A fan wrote: “Jimmy Cooks (ft. 21 Savage) – Drake’s toughest lyrics in this entire album. The background rhythm of the first half of this track is reminiscent of the Nujabes in a good way. The second half completely loses me and I have it h8. This song is the perfect metaphor for this whole fucking album.

“As a Drake lover, I couldn’t even stand it. I turned it off so fast. The only good song is Jimmy Cooks,” wrote another one.

A fan opined: “Jimmy Cooks – Drake, the best song on the album.”

“I really wish the whole Drake album sounded like that Jimmy Cooks track,” another one tweeted.

In other news, Decoding Drake’s Jimmy Cooks meaning as fans rave about new track


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