Doja Cat Shows Off Makeup Artistry for Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Party in Paris


Since she did her hair and shaved her eyebrows, Doja Cat took her look to a whole new level, using her face as a real canvas. Wednesday, October 5, make-up artist Laura Charlestonwho recently came up with some of the rapper’s next-level makeup looks, showed off what they did for Beyoncethe exclusive evening of Paris Fashion Week on October 4.

“After she finished she asked if I could sign her neck like an artist signs her work when it’s done,” Laurel wrote, adding the happy tear emoji and a black heart. “I have so much gratitude for this brilliant, creative and passionate person.”

Doja Cat was one of the guests at the Beyoncé party organized by Tiffany & Co. at the Yoyo Palais De Tokyo. Beyoncé posted her stunning look on Instagram the next day. The Grammy winners were joined by celebrities like Halsey, Naomi CampbellCHLOE, and more.

As Doja attended Paris Fashion Week, she teased fans about her 2021s follow-up planet she. After joking online and hinting that the album would be inspired by a “90s German rave vibe”, the singer promised fans that she was making a serious statement about the upcoming album, but of course it was full. of jokes.

“I’m serious now, guys, we gotta stop the s—. No more heckling. I’m releasing an album and this time I’m serious,” she said, adding, “I’m releasing a rock album, there will be emo jams. The name of the album is called Rock Out Volume 1: The Abyss 5000. So stay tuned for that.”

Doja added, “I’m going into a rock phase and I hope everyone enjoys it. I’m going to get very rock for everyone. We’re going to go wild and get very rock on stage. I’m going to jam and I’ll I’m going to spit flames from my mouth on stage.”


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