Eat 15 mini donuts in the middle of a 5-mile run in Gorham, Maine


Unique races

There are a ton of people who participate in various races for the sport. 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, etc. And for these people, I have a lot of respect because personally, I prefer to sit on my couch and eat donuts.

I participated in a 5k about a decade ago. It was one of those races where it was just fun and once in a while you blasted yourself with colored powder and then there was a dance party at the end. I’m sure I walked at least ⅔ of it and had been drinking with my friends in a hotel room the night before. It’s the kind of race for me.



Now there is a race where I can combine my two passions; eat donuts and be silly.

donut dash

Introducing Donut Dash. This race is organized by the University of Southern Maine Sports Management Program and its students. All the money raised is donated to the program.

The race will take place at the Cherry Hills Trail in Gorham, Maine. According to AllTrails, this is a 3 mile loop, well maintained and suitable for all skill levels.

The Donut Dash has a total length of 5 miles.

So where do donuts come from?

Well, that would be halfway.

After two and a half miles, participants will stop and eat 15 mini donuts from Eighty8’s delicious Donut Cafe. Eighty8’s is a beloved Portland food truck and also has a storefront. They sell a variety of flavorful donuts such as Cinnamon Sugar, Maine Maple, Fruity Pebble topped with Bamm Bamm, and more.

Facebook via Eighty 8 Donuts

Facebook via Eighty 8 Donuts

And yes, after eating those 15 mini donuts (as an individual runner or to share as a team), you still have two and a half miles left to run, walk or waddle.

The children too

They didn’t forget the kids for this one. They also offer The Mini Monster Dash which is 1.5 miles in total and they get 6 mini donuts along the way.

To be involved

This race is a race without pressure of pleasure and softness! Run solo or in a team. Their mission, “Bringing people together through a unique, fun, and community-driven race powered by donuts.”

The event is scheduled for sunday april 24. Get all the details and register now on The Donut Dash website here.

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