Ebumnandini organizes the most stylish parties in the South…


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It’s a bright, biting winter’s day in Johannesburg as I head to the suburb of Rosebank, where I meet the Ebumnandini collective in a cozy cafe. Along the way, I think back to the first Ebumnandini party I attended in 2019, after returning to Joburg, my hometown, for my postgraduate studies.

The event took place in Kitcheners, a former bar and intimate club in Joburg. I remember the feeling of being there on my skin, the way the energy of space moved through my body, the feeling of a place where the groove was evolution in motion.

Perhaps this memory is so vivid because of how different Ebumnandini felt from the parties I didn’t belong in as a teenager, with many years spent running around Jozi’s nightlife, or anything else I had attended as an adult. As a city founded on gold and buoyed by modern grind culture and aspiration, many of Joburg’s traditional clubs are about all that glitters – Think bottle service, VIP sections, flashing lights and dominant heteronormativity.

Then came Ebumnandini, a nightlife space known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, culture and music,” which became home to Joburg’s rebellious youth. The core of the collective are its original founders Jakinda Boya and Ayema Qampi (who also make music that fuses kwaito, rap, techno and punk like the duo Stiff Pap) as well as Francesco Mbele, AKA Franadilla – owner of the Franasonic clothing and media brand – and cultural curator Lenzo Mangonyane.


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