Emily Atef, Vicky Krieps More Than Ever Video Interview – Cannes Studio – Deadline


Cannes drama Un Certain Regard from director Emily Atef More than ever stars Vicky Krieps as Hélène, a woman in her thirties with pulmonary fibrosis who travels from France to the fjords of Norway in an attempt to come to terms with her unfair lot in life.

Atef, who stopped by Deadline’s Cannes studio with Krieps, tells us in the video above that the film is about “a moment in life that we’re all going to go through… It’s the last moment of life and it is about the person who is going to experience it who should be allowed to choose how they want to organize it, run it, be. mountain during a rave party. It’s about the emancipation of the one who lives his last time on Earth and it’s about accepting.

The late Gaspard Ulliel co-starred in More than ever, playing Hélène’s partner, Matthieu. Atef describes the film as a love story “because it takes a long time for this couple to be on the same wavelength. There is an immense love; he is there to protect her, to have her, and she begins to find a peaceful place where she may be able to let go. There is a moment in the film when they finally meet again and it is for me the most beautiful proof of love when one separates for love and lets the other go.

Krieps described the preparation as trying “to get closer to that feeling of isolation that I think you have when you live with an illness. We live in a society where we don’t want to see people sad, we don’t want to see them sick, we don’t want to see people suffer. We should look good all the time, we should look healthy – you know, like a perfect selling machine. But life is more about death, sickness and sadness. So, for me, it was really also learning to love that part of life and thinking more about it.

Deadline Review More than ever praised Krieps’ performance, saying she “is wonderful to watch at any time as a woman facing a serious dilemma that you might not even wish on your worst enemy”.

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