EPCOT’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Return


There are few things more exciting for loyal Disney fans than a major new attraction opening at Walt Disney World, especially when it’s launch (or in this case,
reverse launch) of a thrilling world premiere.

We’ve just returned from an exclusive first look at the new attraction and having had the privilege of riding the roller coaster four times, it’s easy to decree that Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the toast of Disney excellence. . The ride is unlike anything we’ve ever seen or experienced before and we’ve got a full report on what to expect, how to prepare for the ride and some hidden easter eggs to show your customers who you are. aware !

A New Era of Themed Roller Coasters: The Specifics of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
The ride itself is a reverse launch steel indoor roller coaster with no inversions. It’s truly an amalgamation of Space Mountain (like it’s in the dark and you’re rolling across the galaxy), Rockin’ Roller Coaster (a spinning, spinning soundtrack sets the tone for the ride with similar high points of physical scenic elements throughout of course) and Haunted Mansion (each train has 5 omni-rotating cars that seat four people and rotate 360 ​​to focus on video highlights and scenic elements).

Each car does not spin freely, they spin at a controlled pace, independently but all on the same rotation schedule. The ride is surprisingly smooth, without any uncomfortable tugs or bumps, and it’s also considerably long, clocking in at almost 4 minutes. There are some amazing airtime moments and stunning visual effects that make it a truly immersive experience.

Walt Disney World New Ride Cosmic Rewind Epcot

Collect all 6 ride experiences with the attraction’s rotating soundtrack
Perhaps the most fun part of the experience is the soundtrack, drawing from a Star-Lord mixtape with a shuffle and rotating playlist that includes “September”, “Disco Inferno”, “Conga”, ” Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, “I Ran” and “Somehow”. You won’t know which song will play during your ride until you’re launched into space with the Guardians, which is part of the fun and excitement of the experience.Each of the four times we rode, there was giddy anticipation and joyous joy at the reveal of your selected song – the associated reverse launch at the song’s reveal creates a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush.”Conga” and “Disco Inferno” are best for a dance party while “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” adds another layer of humor to the villainous Eson trying to change the course of humanity.

Will it be easy to get your customers rolling?
Strategy, timing, and patience will go a long way in engaging your customers. The hype around Cosmic Rewind is high and well deserved as this new attraction is many firsts for Disney: the first ever omnicoaster, the first Disney World attraction to feature Guardians of the Galaxy, the first ever roller coaster from EPCOT and the first-ever reverse launch for a Disney coaster – so to say people will be coming in droves will probably be an understatement.

No physical queue: prepare your fast fingers
The ride will not start with a physical queue, which will facilitate crowd control by relying on a virtual queue and paid Lightning Lanes. The My Disney Experience app will be the only way to enter the attraction’s queue, and it looks like the virtual queue experience will be similar to what was seen with Rise of the Resistance and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, with versions for boarding groups to ride the attraction at 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. More details are yet to come, but it is very important to note that there will be no physical queue and all opportunities to ride the attraction will depend on your customer’s speed and ability. chance of getting a reservation for that day. It’s also important to note that each guest will only be allowed to enter the virtual queue once per day, so if you’re looking to experience the ride with all six songs, plan on at least one visit. ‘one week.

Walt Disney World New Ride Cosmic Rewind Epcot

Book as soon as possible
When the attraction opens on May 27, EPCOT is sure to become Walt Disney World’s most popular park for months to come. With the new park reservation system on the way for the foreseeable future, make sure your customers book as soon as possible and reserve EPCOT as their first park of the day for at least one day of their trip. It will be much easier to switch from EPCOT to EPCOT and it is not uncommon to see stations open up for availability 24-48 hours before that day.

Transport capacity estimates place Cosmic Rewind at around 1,700 passengers per hour at maximum capacity, running 8 trains through two loading stations on one track. Compare that to unconfirmed reports that Rise of Resistance can hit up to 1,700 runners per hour and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure which tops out at around 2,200 riders per hour and you will feel that demand will be extremely limited. Whether you pilot Cosmic Rewind in the first few months will be as much a matter of speed strategy on the Disney app as luck of the draw.

Who will love the ride?
The ride is a family thrill rollercoaster with an emphasis on thrills. Those who are prone to motion sickness, don’t care for loud music, or don’t react well to bright, flashing lights should try to avoid this ride as there is nothing subtle about this attraction. The ride is intense and relentless, with the speed of the train and the spinning of the car adding up to real vertigo. You will definitely need a few minutes to recover from the thrill and sensory overload of the experience. Size requirements should be released soon.

Steven Spiegel, a Disney Imagineer who helped lead story development on Cosmic Rewind, gave TMR his inspiration for the new attraction saying they wanted it to be “big, bold, fun and hilarious.” . The roller coaster seemed like the most fitting ride for the story.

“It’s a challenge to tell a story on a rollercoaster where people are screaming and you’re spinning and racing through space. So we wanted to find a system that could deliver the storytelling aspect and that’s why this omnicoaster is so perfect. It’s a combination of an omni-ride and a coaster all in one. And that’s really what makes it so unique.

Spiegel goes on to highlight the ride pre-show as “the richest pre-show I’ve ever worked on”, adding that the queue experience “really sets the stage for the universe, the characters and the journey, including how you get from earth to spaceship and beyond.There are some video footage and magical reveals during the pre-show that are best experienced in person.

Walt Disney World New Ride Cosmic Rewind Epcot

I don’t know anything about Guardians, will I still enjoy the ride?
There’s enough pre-show experience to immerse yourself in the galaxy, whether or not you’re familiar with all of the Guardians franchises. Spiegel adds that “you can be a super fan, and you’ll get a lot out of this attraction or, you can come to have not seen any of the movies, and that’s why we have this rich pre-show to set the stage for that. ” If you’re more of a Disney fan than a Marvel fan, Spiegel encourages you to search for “lots of hidden Easter eggs for Disney fans here too.”

A few Easter eggs
As for one of Spiegel’s favorite Easter Eggs, pay close attention to the moment the hulking Guardian Drax calls the “big bang” the “ding-dang” – a callback to the retired attraction of EPCOT’s energy universe.

As you walk through the queue, pay close attention to displays where you’re likely to spot Walt Disney himself and a weather pattern called Maelstrom, the former Norwegian attraction replaced by Frozen Ever After.

Still in the queue, spend a few minutes admiring the model of Xandarian City, there is a Mickey hidden in the grass.

At the end of the line : Cosmic Rewind offers a one-of-a-kind head that will be a beloved and popular EPCOT attraction for many years to come.


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