First accused in TP murder case arrested at rave party


Thiruvananthapuram: One of the main defendants in the infamous TP Chandrasekheran murder case, Kirmani Manoj, currently on parole, was arrested by Kerala police while attending a rave party in Wayanad.

Acting on information, the police of Wayanad, after checking in a few seaside resorts in the locality, gathered 15 people, including Manoj, during a rave party organized to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a known henchman .

Police have recovered MDMA and ganja from those arrested and a further investigation is underway, police said, but details are awaited on the remaining defendants.

The 51-year-old TPChandrasekheran, who started the Revolutionary Marxist Party, was hacked 51 times by assailants on May 4, 2012 as he returned home on a motorcycle to his hometown near Kozhikode.

In that case, a court sentenced 11 people to life imprisonment, three of whom were middle leaders of the CPI-M.

Chandrasekheran was an extremely popular CPI-M leader in Kozhikode district, but quit the party in 2008 and formed his own organization, the RMP, and became a thorn in the side of the CPI-M.

The murder had created huge waves in Kerala’s political scenario and there was sometimes speculation that even senior CPI-M leadership was aware of the brutal murder.

Apparently, in the April 2021 assembly polls, the widow of Chandrasekheran – KK Rema, with the support of the Congress-led UDF, won a resounding victory in the assembly constituency of Vadakara, despite the fact that CPI-M did their best to keep her at bay.

Eyebrows have been raised at how the rules were bypassed to grant Manoj parole and this has been raised several times in the assembly since Pinarayi Vijayan took office in 2016.

Speaking to the media, Rema said she was least surprised at how things turned out in favor of the accused after Vijayan took power.

“The government and the CPI-M are supporting the defendants. After the Covid pandemic, just look at how these defendants took advantage of it and have been absent for almost two years now. I often see one of the defendants in the same case currently absent on parole engaged in the palliative care of CPI-M in our locality. We will see what can be done and we will take up the matter legally, “said Rema.


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