Fortnite’s new map brings major changes in a colorful update


Now that the IO is finally addressed and the collider is no more, Fortnite may transition to a new season, which involves major changes to the map. In a peaceful period, this season, Vibrate, brings a more laid-back experience, with fun moments in store to contrast the tough war that just ended. All of the war-torn land from the IO battle healed, and something beautiful sprouted in its place, making Fortnite in 2022 quite something.

An area of ​​the map that was previously uninteresting is now the place to be, as weird and colorful vegetation has grown everywhere, and the terrain is very different indeed. Mushrooms litter the landscape and trees with a purple tint to their leaves make the place look more like an alien planet than anything, and it’s all thanks to the huge tree of reality.

The tree of reality

Born from the infamous zero point which was discovered by the OI, a gigantic tree has grown and deformed all the land around it. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse depends on the individual, but it’s definitely a sight to behold. This sparked joy in most people and set off the festive atmosphere of Chapter 3 Season 3 which I hope will continue until the end. However, some conflicts will definitely arise somewhere along the line.

This tree is more than just a landmark, as bulbs have grown around it containing Seeds of reality. These seeds can be planted and turned into Reality seedlingswhich we have a full guide for, but the short version is that they can net you rare loot if you take the time to plant them.

Cave Rave

Cave Rave Fortnite

The center of the party is right in the heart of IO operations. What used to be called the command cave is now called the Cave Rave, where the party never stops. It looks flashier than any place in Fortnite the story and is complete with a roller coaster that runs through it with ridable Ballers. It would be such a shame to tarnish this area with gunfights, but that’s how it is in a battle royale.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite Tilted Towers Overview

Unfortunately, Tilted Towers was located right next to the Collider, meaning it was caught in the crossfire and completely wiped out in the final battle. However, it has not been erased from the map and is in the process of being rebuilt. You can expect this area to be fully restored in future updates, but this time without IO tanks to spoil the fun of vertical combat.

greasy grove

Fortnite Greasy Grove

The Reality Tree has made the southwest area of ​​the map much more interesting, but some areas won’t be as grateful for how it looks. greasy grove is one of those places that looks a little less worn now that fungus, water, and purple residue have taken over the place. The taco restaurant in particular took a hit, as it was lifted on a mushroom as it grew. On the bright side, they are great fun to bounce around.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.


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