Get ready for the Portola festival with these ultra-groovy tracks

Photo courtesy of Coachella, photo credit: Greg Noire

Portola Festival’s inaugural lineup includes epic underground house music, festive pop stars and old-school dance music royalty.

The inaugural edition of Portola Music Festival brings its drool-worthy lineup to San Francisco later this month when it takes over Pier 80 on September 24-25. This two-day festival was hosted by Goldvoice in partnership with No Plus Ultraand it intends to fill a noticeable gap in dance music festivals around the Bay Area.

Despite San Francisco’s reputation as a guardian of electronic music culture, there aren’t many large-scale festivals dedicated to the genre. Goldenvoice was inspired by the Portola Fest of 1909, a celebratory revival event for San Francisco after the catastrophic natural disasters of the same year. In the wake of a post-pandemic world, 2022 seems to need a rebirth of its own. But at a fairly high price of $200 for a day ticket, this revival won’t come cheap.

As far as music is concerned, it might be easier to ask who is not on the Portola range this year. The list is dominated by house and techno with a few notable hip-hop and electro-pop artists added for good measure. Friday, future bass superstar nozzlesuper cool beat maker Kaytranadaqueen of electro-pop Charlie XCXand innovation Jaime XX sit at the top of the range. On Saturday, get ready for epic house parties with Duke Dumont, Lane 8and Peggy Gou before falling into the silky indie beats or Toro and me and James Blake.

But what piqued the interest of many attendees the most was the appearance of dance music legends fat thin boy, The chemical brothersand DJ Shadow. Goldenvoice seems to have hit all the marks with Portola: underground house-goers, Popstar Party-Poppers, and old-school royalty that even the most avid rave-dweller never sees.

It’s an overtly indulgent showcase that reads very Coachella, but the gritty event branding and gravel-bare venue at Pier 80, make it feel welcoming to Lo-Fi, House Kids. Portola’s premiere is hard to predict, but we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Bay Area – and to help you prepare for the weekend ahead, we’ve curated a playlist featuring unfolding artists.

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