Ghaziabad: cop chastises young people for protesting bad behavior with bar dancers during Diwali celebration


Cop beat young people in Ghaziabad [Representative image]| Photo credit: iStock images


  • The accused allegedly beat the youth after protesting the alleged misconduct of the dancers during the party.
  • The Deputy Inspector, stationed at Dasna Police Station, was arrested under the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

Ghaziabad: A youth was allegedly beaten by a police sub-inspector and his friends during a Diwali party in an apartment in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, near Delhi.

The victim has been identified as Irfan. Thursday, he had organized a dance party for the sub-inspector Jitendra Gautam, stationed at the Dasna police station, in an apartment in the city. Two bar dancers were called in to party.

How did it happen

According to a report by India today, the cop was at the party with two other people. He and his friends started to misbehave with female dances, Irfan claimed. Irfan protested against their conduct, as a result of which he was beaten by them. Irfan managed to escape from the place. His parents were then threatened.

Based on the complaint filed by Irfan, the sub-inspector, along with four other people, was convicted under the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code. However, no charges were brought against the accused for alleged misconduct with the dancers, the THIS report indicated.

(Rural) Police Superintendent Iraj Raja said the accused sub-inspector had been placed under arrest, adding that the suspension process was ongoing.

Another incident

In another incident, a member of the UP police was arrested for allegedly hiring killers to eliminate a man accused of murdering his brother.

The arrested person, identified as Akhilesh Yadav, was assigned as a deputy inspector at Khodare police station in Gonda district, state. He was arrested by Azamgarh police. The action against him came after his name surfaced during the interrogation of three people who were apprehended with weapons in Azamgarh district. The three revealed that the sub-inspector paid money to kill a Rahul who was allegedly involved in the murder of his brother. Based on information provided by Azamgarh police, Gonda SP Santosh Kumar Mishra suspended the cop and opened a departmental investigation against him.


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