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In 2016, an animated musical hit theaters that brought together fans of all ages for a cinematic singing adventure. Sing premiered to audiences who wanted a wellness movie to watch with those they loved, and it delivered mega-stars, an amazing soundtrack, and the kind of characters it was so easy to fall for lover.

Whether your favorite is Buster Moon or Rosita, Eddie or Johnny, you have undoubtedly found a character in the film that stood out for you. So fans were eagerly awaiting Part 2, as it was clear that one adventure was not enough for the brave and moving characters of Sing.

The wait is almost over because Sing 2 is set to premiere on December 22, 2021, and fans recently took a look at an incredible trailer that shows off the group’s next big adventure.

Here are some things we know about Sing 2 until now!

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ten The cast is excited (and growing)

In an intro video that premiered before the trailer, the cast of Sing 2 shared their enthusiasm for the film with fans around the world. New faces including Pharrell Williams and Letitia Wright join returning favorites like Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon. The cast are thrilled with the premise of new adventures, laughter and friendliness on this incredible new journey.

9 The trailer is absolutely amazing

Those who already know Sing know that although the film is light and pleasant, certain emotional moments are incorporated into the story. Sing 2 Looks like he’s about to follow the same idea – there are dreams to pursue and songs to sing, and a lot of relationships and trust-building happen along the way!

8 Major voice actor revealed

So we mentioned it above, but it’s worth mentioning again – new adventures mean new characters to love. One of which is a big star! Bono joins the cast of Sing 2 in a major way! He’s the star everyone wants, but changes in his life have taken him away from the spotlight. What, or who will be the voice that brings him back? Or will he move away for good?

7 They chase dreams in the city of lights

The layout of the film is reminiscent of Las Vegas, which is quite relevant to the storyline. Redshore City is a rising star’s dream, and they’ll certainly work hard to be on stage – but it won’t happen without a little bit of conflict, first. The “scout” in search of talent does not seem easy to satisfy; they will have to work to make this dream come true!

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6 There is a new mission (very important)

We mentioned BonoThe character pulls away from the spotlight, but the journey to bring him back to it will be more important than just hitting the big stage. It’s clear there has been a painful loss in his life, and while the team need him for his chance to become a celebrity, it looks like he might need him differently.

5 New bonds are forming

With the addition of new characters, new friendships and new bonds are formed. While some of these bonds aren’t easy, some friendships seem to start with a laugh and a shared interest in music and all that comes with it. Fans will be interested to see what the new characters bring to the table.

4 Friendships will be tested

We all know Buster Moon has his eyes set on the prize, but it looks like feelings can end up hurting on the way to getting it. A few scenes from the trailer show that Buster may be looking for more to gain than his friends. This will likely be a big part of the plot, and we’re sure that will all be sorted out in the end.

3 Everyone seems to overcome a fear

From Calloway to Johnny and Rosita, there will be moments in the film that address fear. When you are chasing a dream and chasing something that you hope to achieve, there will be times when fear can and will rock you. We’re sure there will be some inspiring moments in how these beloved characters overcome it!

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2 Tears will flow

The advantage of a movie like Sing 2 that’s what it looks like to connect with an array of emotions. There will be times of laughter and wonder, times of dreaming, and times when loss and worry will be brought to the fore. It’s a film, albeit lively and fun, that embodies the human experience.

A few scenes from the trailer already prove that this will be a movie that you might need a few tissues for.

1 The soundtrack will be amazing

If you walked through the trailer without dancing, well, we’d love to know how. The first soundtrack is a must-see for fans, and this one will be no different. The songs performed are catchy, fun and emotional. We’re sure fans can look forward to an epic theatrical dance party with Sing 2!

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