Huge illegal rave party straddling Lazio and Tuscany ends – English



(ANSA) – ROME, 19 AUGUST – A huge illegal rave party that brought together young people from all over Europe in a country straddling Lazio and Tuscany was dismantled on Thursday, leaving piles of garbage, at least three comas alcohol-induced and one drowning death in its wake of a week.
Two people were rushed to hospital on Thursday in a state of unrest after the rave.
Police in the nearby town of Viterbo put an end to the festivities after identifying more than 2,000 people.
“The area has been liberated,” said the mayor of the nearest town, Valentano, Stefano Bigiotti.
“There is no one left on the site.
“I can only express my satisfaction.
“The (Interior) Minister (Luciana) Lamorgese, who contacted me personally yesterday afternoon, has kept her promise to liberate the area by today.
“The operations were carried out with the greatest respect for people.
“Now they are already at work to remove the garbage left on the site as soon as possible.”
Viterbo Police HQ said two vans with acoustic equipment on board had been seized, one belonging to two Dutch people and the other to two Italians.
The provincial panel of public order in Viterbo asked the interior ministry to end the rave party.
The unauthorized event, which had drawn young people from all over Europe, had been taking place in the Valentino countryside since Friday evening.
“The situation is out of control, no negotiation is possible, public order must be restored, people identified and responsibility for such a gathering established,” said Lazio regional health adviser Alessio D ‘Amato.
Viterbo prosecutors, meanwhile, have opened an investigation into the death of a 25-year-old man during the rave.
The man, born in London but residing in northern Italy, was found dead in a lake near Viterbo on Monday after taking part in the massive event.
The man’s body was found in Lake Mezzano. We had seen him enter the lake on Sunday evening and never come out.
The Interior Ministry said on Wednesday that police were working to “restore legality” to the region. (ANSA).




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