Hyderabad police stop rave party and arrest 44 youths – The New Indian Express



Through Express news service

HYDERABAD: The Kukatpally Special Operations Team (SOT) dismantled a rave party and arrested 44 youths, including three organizers, at a Vivek Nagar apartment under the confines of Kukatpally Police Station in the wee hours of Sunday. Detectives also recovered huge amounts of alcohol and hookah in their possession.

According to sources, the raids were carried out based on reports that three people – identified as Rakesh Reddy, Mohammed Imran and Dayal Biswas – were hosting a rave party at an apartment in the Vivek Nagar area. Alerted by residents, who noticed the loud music and suspected the presence of large numbers of people, the police rushed to the scene and broke up the party.

Speaking to the media, the Kukatpally SI said the apartment belonged to Rakesh Reddy. “While Rakesh was the main organizer, Dayal and Imran helped him organize the party,” the official said.
Pointing out that the trio were planning to turn the apartment into a regular party area, the SI mentioned that they were able to shut it down with the help of local residents. All those in police custody are young people, aged 22 to 26. The police let the youths go after sending them nuisance notices.



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