It was Notre Dame’s most embarrassing loss in over a decade


The worst loss in a decade. I remember that UConn game in 2009 like it was yesterday. That’s when you met Charlie Weis and the program was officially dead. I think even though they were embarrassed, most people were relieved to some degree. We could all move on. It’s a different feeling when you’re three games away from the Freeman era and he has yet to win a game. I love Freeman. I think that will be understood, but that’s at least partly because ND fans don’t have a choice.

Today is September 10 and the season is over for Notre Dame. That shouldn’t even be possible. Marshal? FUCK MARSHALL? I don’t care how many 5 power transfers they have. It was quite the turn of the show that kept saying how talented Marshall was. It’s not like Randy Moss catches Pennington’s passes there. They were just tougher and meaner. ND could not block. They didn’t tackle. They didn’t fight. Notre Dame looked like she was waiting for Marshall to turn around and Marshall threw a punch before Notre Dame even entered the ring. Pathetic performance from top to bottom.

The internet is having a dance party and I feel like I have to go for a long walk alone. I would like it to rain today instead of tomorrow.

Football is over. I just told the girlfriend I’m free for pumpkins and apple picking every Saturday. Happy Autumn!


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