It’s One of Costco’s Biggest Secrets – Eat This, Not That


If you shop at Costco, the Kirkland Signature brand is probably extremely familiar to you.

The beloved in-store brand from the warehouse is a staple that allows people to buy the generic version of a product for much less. Since 2017, according to The Wall Street Journalabout a quarter of Costco’s $118.7 billion in annual sales came from Kirkland Signature products, and that percentage continues to grow.

And as the customers rave, the generic products are of good quality and value. So what’s the big secret behind Costco’s beloved brand? According to money talks newsmany Kirkland Signature products sold at Costco are actually made by the same great brands you know and love by name. Yes, from Starbucks to Jelly Belly, these household names make Costco’s generic offerings.

Here are some of the companies Costco works with to maintain its successful Kirkland Signature brand. And for more Costco news, check out 6 things you’ll see at Costco this year.


Buying in bulk for party supplies is a great idea at Costco. And luckily for party planners, Kirkland Signature tumblers are made by global cutlery and tumbler manufacturer Chinet. You can rely on durability of these cups for all your summer party needs.


This American pet food brand is the one that manufactures all Kirkland Signature cat and dog foods. That’s good news for your furry friends!

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Highly regarded by the country for all its energizer needs, Duracell is the producer of Kirkland Signature brand batteries. Costco CEO Craig Jelinek confirmed in an interview that alkaline batteries are actually made by this brand.

Diapers Costco Kirkland

Do you have a little one on the way? You might want to try Kirkland Signature baby diapers. According to The Wall Street Journalthe Costco brand is made by the same company that makes Huggies diapers: Kimberly-Clark.

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If candy is one of your favorite candies, you’re in luck. Costco has partnered with the Jelly Belly brand to create the Kirkland Signature Jelly Beans – and it’s right on the label where the brands have teamed up.


Lovers of the tart and sweet flavor of cranberry juice can trust Kirkland Signature Cranberry Juice; it is produced by the flagship brand Ocean Spray. The drink contains North American cranberries with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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Another brand that has partnered with Costco under the Kirkland Signature brand is the famous foil company Reynolds. Just like Chinet party cups, this product can ensure your leftovers from the party are safely packaged and secure.

Hearing aid.  The doctor assumes that the woman hearing aid in your ear

Surprisingly, Costco also sells hearing aids and they are produced by Swiss hearing solutions company Sonova, according to Hearing Review.


Several Kirkland Signature coffee products, such as Dark Roast Espresso Blend and Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee, boast directly on the packaging that they are custom roasted by Starbucks.

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