Jessica Chastain’s Grandmother ‘Horrified’ Bradley Cooper By Randomly Sitting On Her Lap


Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain has been a busy woman over the past year. Tammy Faye’s eyes won numerous awards for makeup as well as playing Chastain in the lead role. In 2021, his TV mini-series Scenes from a wedding starring Oscar Isaac debuted, receiving rave reviews. The 355a thrilling spy drama and his latest film, was released earlier in January.

Chastain recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show promote The 355. While there she told a story about her beloved grandmother who was thrilled to meet Bradley Cooper.

Jessica Chastain has a special relationship with her grandmother

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Chastain has a great relationship with his grandmother, Marilyn Herst. According to the Wall Street Journal, Herst moved in with Chastain in April 2020. As the Molly’s Game describes the star, Herst bravely approaches life with open arms.

Chastain explained that Herst is one of his favorite people in the world. When the global coronavirus pandemic started, Chastain was in Morocco working on a film. She remembers texting Herst and asking him not to go to the grocery store for his safety.

The 44-year-old told DeGeneres that in the past, her grandmother was happy to meet her co-stars. According to Insider, Herst met Al Pacino (who was in the 2013 film Salome with Chastain) and Matthew McConaughey (who starred in Interstellar with Chastain) among others.

Chastain told DeGeneres that she had been trying to find dates for her grandmother for 15 to 20 years. She will even post pictures of Herst on dating sites like

Chastain’s grandmother horrified Bradley Cooper

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Herst, according to Chastain, is now at an age where “she really doesn’t care.” Once, at a house party Chastain was throwing, Herst decided she wanted to meet Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper. Herst climbed up and sat on the actor’s lap.

Chastain explained to DeGeneres that during the party, Herst simply walked up to Cooper and sat on his lap. According to zero dark thirty star, Cooper looked horrified. the Hangover The actor had never met his grandmother and did not know who she was. Chastain said she watched him perform as if in slow motion; she was like, “Nooo!”

Chastain rushed to defuse the situation, making it clear to Cooper that the mystery woman in his lap was his grandmother. At that point, Cooper said, “Okay, okay. Hello grandmother!”

Jessica Chastain’s next projects

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Chastain is currently filming George and Tammie, a limited television series about the relationship between iconic country musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Filming for six episodes began in December 2021 in North Carolina; Michael Shannon is her co-star.

Deadline reported that Shannon and Chastain will sing on the show, just like Chastain did for her role in Tammy Faye’s eyes. Wynette was best known for the hit country song “Stand by Your Man.”

Based on the book by Jones and Wynette’s daughter, The Three of Us: Growing Up With Tammy and George, the show will air exclusively on Spectrum. He will appear on Paramount+ and the Paramount Network later.

Chastain just received the Best Actress nomination from the Screen Actors Guild for Tammy Faye’s eyes. She would also be on the shortlist for an Oscar nomination. (She was also nominated for a Golden Globe for the role.)

Will Herst have the opportunity to meet Chastain’s other co-stars, like Sebastian Stan (The 355), Andrew Garfield (Tammy Faye’s eyes), and Shannon? That remains to be seen. Chastain admires his grandmother and others who “just do it”. Like them, she wants to be a problem solver.

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