Karukaputhur rape case: a girl used the hotel owner’s SIM card; the visuals of the rave party are revealed



Palakkad: It appeared that the drugged and raped minor in Karukaputhur was using a SIM card obtained on behalf of a hotel owner in Pattambi. The underage assaulted finally used the SIM card of Vinod, owner of the hotel where the drug party was held.

When the minor’s family found out that she was using this SIM card, Vinod managed to get a duplicate of the SIM card. The SIM card became inactive after the girl’s family saw her with Abhilash, the third accused in the case. As a result, Vinod bought the duplicate SIM card.

However, Vinod claimed he used to give the SIM card to Abhilash for temporary use as he frequently booked rooms in his hotel. Vinod also justified that he had to duplicate the SIM card because Abhilash refused to return the SIM card.

In the midst of this, more visuals of a rave party hosted at a Pattambi hotel were revealed. The visuals show young people using drugs. Meanwhile, the underage girl in her complaint named nine people who participated in the party, which would include the son of a congressional leader.

Police have so far arrested three people in connection with the case. They investigated those involved in the case with particular emphasis on the drug gangs in Pattambi and Thrithala.



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