Kentucky Redneck Rave Ends No Impales But Lots Of Drugs


The drugs the Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office says it seized during the Redneck Rave.Photo: Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office

There was no impalement at last weekend’s Redneck Rave at Blue Holler, an off-road park near Mammoth Cave Kentucky. No slit throat. No suffocation.

The were nine arrests and 17 citations, according to the Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office, but mostly for drug and traffic offenses, including what could have been the county’s largest drug seizure. More than five pounds of suspected marijuana and THC edibles were found in a driver’s car.

We call it a successful party.

that of June Redneck rave was not so calm, and yes, there were reports of someone being impaled by a log, another person’s throat being slit and a participant choking their partner to the point of passing out.

The Redneck Rave is billed as the “craziest, craziest country party ever” and promises “mud, music and mayhem”. Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle attributed the relatively upbeat atmosphere of this weekend’s festival to “lower attendance,” “possible actions taken by event coordinators” and “l ‘order of priority’ of a law enforcement presence during the June event.

There has been only one injury reported to the sheriff’s office; an ambulance was called for a person in crisis. In addition to the minor drug and traffic offenses, one person was arrested on two active arrest warrants “resulting from attempted murder, assault and charges / indictments of indictment. danger free ”. Law enforcement officials also arrested four other people for allegedly driving their motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

“This event went much better than the previous one in June,” Doyle said in a statement, later continuing, “We are encouraging tourism in our beautiful community, but as I said before, we expect to that everyone be respectful of the county and the law when you get here.

her story was originally published by CityBeat’s sister paper LEO Weekly.

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