Liverpool legends rave about Rangers coach Michael Beale, Cardiff City bolter who is much better than Steven Gerrard


Of all the names on Cardiff City’s radar, Michael Beale is certainly one of the most intriguing.

A coach with an impressive resume, Beale has worked with some of the biggest names in football and even plied his trade halfway around the world in an effort to fuel his enthusiasm for development.

He has since been recognized as the real mastermind behind the recent renaissance of Rangers, who have once again reached the top of Scottish football under the leadership of Steven Gerrard.

But when it comes to being a full-fledged manager, Beale is still an unknown quantity.

It is for this reason that the interest of Cardiff is so interesting.

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Indeed, despite Beale’s impressive record as a manager, there will inevitably be questions about his suitability for the role among certain corners of the table, and indeed the fan base, especially with City currently facing the possibility of a relegation battle.

Still, some gaming personalities believe Beale is destined for the top.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher is just one of many admirers to take note of the 41-year-old’s abilities, having watched Beale’s work with Liverpool’s Under-18 team shortly before his move to Glasgow.

He said Open objective: “He was in the academy, you knew straight away that he was a top coach. He was really good, he was from Chelsea and also went to Brazil, so he has a great background.

“He wasn’t training with Stevie in the academy, but when Stevie got the Rangers job he knew, ‘Okay, I need someone more.’ They weren’t a team to the academy in the sense that he was the coach and Stevie was the director.

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“Stevie was in charge of training and learning and he knew he needed him.”

Gerrard himself has never shied away from praising his current number two, and even admitted that Beale’s training prowess on the training ground was ahead of his.

Speaking on Robbie Fowler’s podcast, Gerrard recently said, “What I’m never going to do is try to do someone else’s job when they’re better than me at it.

“For example, I had worked on (identifying) a coaching team behind the scenes when I was manager of the U18 and U19 teams in Liverpool. People wouldn’t believe how closely I was watching people to take with me when the opportunity finally presented itself.

“I haven’t had the luxury of retiring early from the game or not being a player, in terms of having that pitch time to really become a coach over the past 20 years like a Brendan Rodgers, a Mourinho or a Michael Beale.

“It would take me 15/20 years to become as good as Michael Beale as a coach on the field, delivering sessions daily, so I let Mick be Mick Beale because he’s the expert.”

Beale himself has said he’s in no rush to dip his toe into full-fledged management, but if such praise continues to occur, it seems it’s only a matter of time before someone is not calling.

It remains to be seen if Cardiff will be the one to give him this blow.

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