M-SOZ Showcases Their Skills With Latest Pop Record, “Not Sorry”


What’s going on with dance music fans? Tonight, we are happy to introduce you to an up-and-coming artist by the stage name, M-SOZ, who is new to EDMsauce.com. At its core, we’re here to support emerging artists and showcase skills from all walks of life and production masters. M-SOZ, recently released their latest album titled “Not Sorry”, which is a piano chord progression driving pop record, lyrically inclined, motivating and powerful.

The highlights of this record are truly three-fold when you consider the production talent behind the track, the perfectly laid-out lyrics that become easy to sing and catchy the longer you listen, and of course, the shuffle worthy of the drops throughout the disc. As you know from our previous record reviews, we like to find ‘life outside the drop’ and highlight productions in ‘in-between’.

M-SOZ really finds its niche with this pop record, not just in the super beautiful chord progressions and sound designs created in the drops, but in the breakdowns and lulls in the track that really bring this to life. The atmospheres created between drops can really make or break a song, and M-SOZ didn’t disappoint with ‘Not Sorry’.


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