Maharashtra Minister Aslam Shaikh called drug trafficker to parties: BJP’s Mohit Kamboj



BJP chief Mohit Kamboj alleged that Maharashtra Minister Aslam Shaikh used to call Kashiff Khan, the managing director of Fashion TV India, to his parties. Kashiff Khan’s name had arisen in connection with the Mumbai Cruise Drug Seizure Case in which Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested last month.

Earlier today, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik had questioned why Kashiff Khan was not arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (BNC).

Nawab Malik said: “Kashiff Khan forced our Minister Aslam Shaikh to come to the party and also planned to bring the children of various ministers in our government to the party. If Aslam Shaikh had been there it would have been Udta Maharashtra after Udta Punjab. “

After Nawab Malik’s press conference on Sunday, Mohit Kamboj said: “Everything I have said for a month has been accepted by him (Nawab Malik). I asked who the bearded man is … Now he calls himself Aslam Shaikh.

The BJP chief alleged that Aslam Shaikh used to call a drug dealer Kashiff at his parties, adding that his “statements were confirmed by him (Nawab Malik)”.


Nawab Malik made several allegations against the BJP leader on Sunday. He accused Mohit Kamboj of being the “mastermind” in the Aryan Khan case and being involved in a plot to “kidnap” actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son for ransom.

“The alleged cruise rave party was a plot to kidnap Aryan Khan for ransom, of which Mohit Bharatiya was the mastermind,” said the NCP chief.

Nawab Malik also accused Mohit Kamboj of being a member of the “private army” of BCN officer Sameer Wankhede.

Mohit Kamboj has dismissed all the allegations and denied having met Sameer Wankhede.

The BJP leader also denied owning Restaurant World and said, “I am a businessman. The tax of Rs 5 crore is paid by me. I never hid anything, unlike Malik whose children each have 22 properties to their name.

“Malik has assets of Rs 3,000 crore… He has land in Kurla and other projects in Juhu… He became a farmer to buy farmland in Maharashtra,” Mohit Kamboj retorted.

Previously, Mohit Kamboj alleged that Nawab Malik had spoken to a PCN employee Sunil Patil. Nawab Malik, however, denied the allegation and claimed: “I have never met Sunil Patil in my life. The photos Kamboj showed also included photos of Patil with Gujarat Minister Rana. “

Nawab Malik also said: “Sunil Patil called me after my first press conference, saying he wanted to share some details. I had asked him to share it with the police. He told me he had been arrested in Gujarat.

Meanwhile, reacting to the above statement, Mohit Kamboj said: “Nawab Malik accepted it (meeting with Sunil Patil) … He didn’t say everything … He used to meet … Ye rishte aaj ke nahi hai, ye purane rishte hain (These relationships are not today, they are old relationships).

The BJP leader, who filed a libel complaint against Nawab Malik, said the NCP leader had become “frustrated” because he had “exposed his relationship with Sunil Patil”.

“I fought this battle on my own and I did not use the BJP platform,” Mohit Kamboj said, adding, “Ye dara hua hai Mia … Sirf jhoote aarop laga raha (Nawab Malik is afraid, he’s just making false accusations). “

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