Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Receives Rave Reviews


You could say they are… Raving…

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is one of the many video games that gamers cannot wait for in the next ten days. The sequel to the unique Nintendo/Ubisoft collaboration has been in development for years, and fans want to see how it all turned out. Luckily, we got a glimpse of what some gamers are thinking, especially those who have a review code for the game. The first title review scores have arrived and they are excited to know what this title is. What it is, it’s good. Many have already called it better than its predecessor in almost every way.

As you will see in the tweet below, a multitude of sites and publications have expressed their opinion on Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope, and the majority of them have it in the 9/10 range. This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, it’s an excellent average.

What this shows us is that the Ubisoft team was able to make things better than they were before. Not that the original game was terrible, far from it. But as the saying goes, the first game worked so the sequel could work. We’ve been hearing from the team for a while now about how they’ve evolved their thinking with this upcoming title. Mainly in this they could develop everything they built.

This includes making Rabbids much smarter when they first speak in-game. Small clips of this have already emerged. One focuses on Rabbid Mario, and many are already saying the Rabbid looks more like Mario than Chris Pratt.

We’re not saying they’re right, but we’re not saying they’re wrong either!

Another element that must be highlighted is that they have evolved the fights of the game. Before, Mario and co. were very limited in what they could do on the battlefield. But now they have a lot more unlimited moves to do combo moves and set up attacks a few turns ahead of time. Add to that; the Sparks will be with the crew and grant them boosts or special attacks. Some of them will add elements to their attacks for extra damage. Others can make them invisible to provide stealth. There are even defensive sparks that can take out some of the damage done by enemy strikes.

On top of that, players will go beyond the Mushroom Kingdom in-game and visit several worlds filled with Rabbids and other familiar faces/creatures. This opens up the game tremendously. Additionally, there are side quests that players can do to further flesh out the game.

With this critical acclaim, gamers are sure to, at the very least, give the game a chance when it releases on the 20th on Nintendo Switch.

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