Massive rallies suggest Apni party agenda gaining public acceptance: Syed Altaf Bukhari


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Said the people of J&K are tired of the politics of lies and deceit over the past 75 years

Srinagar: Apni (AP) Party Chairman Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said on Thursday that he will continue to uphold the policy of truth and honesty even if it does not bring political gains to his party.

He said, “Unlike traditional political parties, the Apni party does not believe in policies of deception and duplicity. We will never try to entice people with emotional slogans or false promises. We will only say what we believe in.

According to a press release published here, the chairman of the Apni party received an enthusiastic welcome upon his arrival at the public rally in Baramulla. He said: “I’m happy to see such a big public gathering here because Baramulla is my hometown. Thank you for gathering here to listen to us.

“Such public rallies are the response to those who falsely propagate that the PA has no public support in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

Bukhari said he and his party firmly believe in the politics of truth and honesty. He said, “You know that the mainstream political parties, over a period of 75 years, have misled you with emotional slogans, which ultimately brought nothing but misery and death to this place.

He explained, “These traditional parties have deceived people in the name of emotional slogans such as plebiscite, autonomy, autonomy, etc. They seduced people with these exciting slogans just to make sure they stayed in power. These political parties and their leaders had made believe that they were the protectors of article 370 of the constitution. But finally, the drama happened on August 5, 2019, when this article was deleted. Now the same parties and politicians are again shamelessly trying to trick people into saying they will get this article back.

He urged people to stop believing the misleading promises of mainstream parties. “Please don’t let these traditional festivals fool you again and again. You are tired of the politics of lies and deceit over the past 75 years. These so called rulers have just misled you to make sure they stay in power all the time.

Explaining the program and policies of the Apni Party, Syed Altaf Bukhari said, “The Apni Party is here to work for the peace, prosperity and development of Jammu and Kashmir. We have a clear vision and approach to implementing our program. We do not believe in policies that would end up sending our young people to prison or cemeteries. We want to see our young generation prosper.

Bukhari said that if the Apni party was given the mandate to serve the people, its priority would be to provide economic empowerment to the people of J&K.


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