My first time at Hull’s No Limits Bingo Rave was an eye opener, to say the least


When I was sold the idea of ​​going to an event that promises rave and bingo, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What I found was one of the loudest atmospheres for a party I have ever encountered and a great time for adults looking for something out of the ordinary.

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The key phrase there is adults, it’s definitely the one for those who don’t mind the air being a little blue and the entertainment bordering on the most outrageous.

It’s a far cry from bingo at the social club on a Thursday night but it’s definitely a bit of an upgrade for the younger generations.

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Bongos Bingo brings good vibes and a modern interpretation to an old school activity

Bongos Bingo describes itself as: “A crazy mix of traditional bingo, dances, rave intervals, audience participation and countless magical moments, currently taking place in nearly 50 locations around the world.

“Bongo’s Bingo is a wild shared social extravaganza and a night of pure nostalgic escapism, with the chance to win iconic prizes ranging from giant pink unicorns and Henry Hoovers to mobility scooters and karaoke machines at every show.

“It’s immersive, inclusive and amazing. Everyone from 18 to 92 years old plays and celebrates together. There are no barriers or limits.”

It offers the above and some. People sit on communal benches at Asylum in the University of Hull Students’ Union and karaoke performances start early.

The shared common experience is a vibe that fuels what is arguably the most unusual bingo game you are likely to encounter, though the rules remain largely traditional.

The call of the numbers is punctuated by masses of people dancing on the rows of benches, comedy, dancers, challenges, karaoke, there is really everything.

At three o’clock, the event gives people more than enough time to enjoy the bingo and boogie and will definitely be somewhere you’ll find me on a night when I’m not working in the near future.

Grab a pen and a book on the way and you're good to go
Grab a pen and a book on the way and you’re good to go

If you missed this time around, there are even more dates to catch Bongos Bingo in Hull:

  • Friday February 18
  • Friday February 25
  • friday april 1st
  • friday april 8

  • saturday april 16

  • Saturday April 30

Jonny Bongo said: “Now that Christmas and New Years are over and dusted off, we have an epic run of Friday shows in Hull for January and February.

“Asylum is a great venue and the crowds there are absolutely crazy, so having these shows will chase away the winter blues.

“We look forward to 2022 being a brilliant year for everyone and it’s the perfect way to kick off all of us.”

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